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William Osman
William Osman.jpg
Born (1991-06-08) June 8, 1991 (age 30)
Los Angeles, California
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationMechanical and electrical engineering
Bachelor of Science
Alma materFoothill Technology High School
California State University
OccupationYouTuber, internet personality

William Osman (June 8, 1991, Los Angeles, CA) is an American YouTuber and internet personality, with a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering.[1] He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California, creating videos that combine his engineering knowledge with his film and VFX experience.[2] William often works with “Cameraman John,” his cameraman and assistant editor.[1] As of February 2020, William’s main channel has amassed over 1.83 million subscribers.[3]

Early life and education

William got his high school education from Foothill Technology High School.[4] He created short skits with John throughout high school.[1] During his senior year, William made a Stirling Engine that could turn heat into mechanical energy for the 2009 California State Science Fair.[5]

William earned his Bachelor of Science from California State University, Northridge in 2014, majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in electrical engineering.[6][7]

Internet career

William created what would become his main YouTube channel on November 25, 2013.[3] On August 29, 2016, he uploaded the channel’s first video, titled “Laser Cutting a Skateboard.” The majority of his early videos centred around testing his 80 watt laser cutter named “Retina Smelter 9000,” in which different unconventional materials were examined for their ease of laser cutting.[1][8] He also tested whether it could pop popcorn, melt sand, make toast, and other similar feats.[9][10][11]

Early in December 2017, William and his wife, Chelsea, lost their studio apartment to a tragic house fire.[12] A GoFundMe account was started by his family friend to help pay for the damages.[12] William posted a YouTube video about the house fire on December 5, 2017, and it quickly began to go viral.[13][14] The GoFundMe campaign had a goal of $10,000, but surpassed $120,000 from more than 6,300 donors in 20 hours.[13] William’s channel gained a lot of attention in the period immediately following the house fire.[3]

As of February 2020, William has posted over 130 videos and accumulated over 210 million views.[3] Some of his most popular videos include “Can a Car Window Break Your Finger?,” “Training My Roommate To Walk Quietly,” and “How to Get Banned From Boat Club.” He has collaborated with other YouTubers like Mark Rober,[15] iDubbbz,[16] Game Grumps,[17] Michael Reeves,[18] Bobby Duke,[19] Ian Hecox,[20] Allen Pan,[21] Simone Giertz,[22] and Peter Sripol.[23] His channel has seen a switch from straightforward tutorial and build videos to his egg drop series, collaboration videos, and an assortment of fun projects of various scale. William’s channel hit 1 million subscribers in June 2019.[3]

On July 19, 2019, William created a second channel for behind the scenes footage and snippets of his life.[24] On September 16, 2019, he uploaded the channel’s first video, titled “THEY SENT ME A BOX!!!” His second channel now consists of videos of ranging topics. As of February 2020, it has amassed over 268 thousand subscribers.[24]

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