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Wild Goat Gang NFT
Wild Goat Gang.JPG
Developer(s)Wild Goat Gang

The Wild Goat Gang NFT is a collection of 9,999 NFTs with 176 elements, each piece is unique, totally hand-drawn, and has its own color palette.[1] This NFT was created with the aim to build a unified community sponsoring Black Goat Farm Sanctuary in Ontario Canada and supporting metaverse growth.[2]

The cost of mining a Wild Goat is 0.08 Ethereum plus gas. Minting of the NFT will be possible immediately from their website by connecting a MetaMask wallet.[3]


The Wild Goat Gang project launched on 14th January, 2022 on the Ethereum network and aims to connect artists seeking quality NFT's, crypto enthusiasts and social media users looking to improve their online presence and animal lovers supporting various charitable organizations.[4][5]


The Wild Goat Gang NFT’s roadmap is made up of four stages:

  • We have teamed up with the Black Goat Farm Sanctuary in Ontario Canada. Not only are you holding a beautiful piece of art, but your investment will make a contribution to the real Wild Goat Gang.[6]
  • Sandbox Integration. Upon 50% of mint, the WGG team will purchase land in the Metaverse to allow goats to gather and interact with one another. You will have the ability to gather with other goats and will have the right to purchase cosmetic upgrades for your Goat.[7]
  • Cyber Goat Gang. Holders of a Wild Goat will be airdropped a circuit board that will allow you to create a rare Wilder Cyber Goat.[8]
  • Creation of the Hayy token that is supported by liquid, will allow holders of this NFT the opportunity to earn income. Details are pending a future announcement.[9]


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