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Wick Watches
IndustryLuxury Watchmaking
Founded2022; 1 year ago (2022)
FounderWilliam Wick
HeadquartersHilton Island, South Carolina

Wick Watches is a luxury watch manufacturing company founded in 2022 by William Wick. The company has garnered recognition for its notable timepieces that blend innovation with horological tradition.[1] Headquartered in Hilton Island, South Carolina, Wick Watches has attained a global presence, boasting a diverse collection of more than 56 watches spanning various categories.


Founded in 2022 by William Wick, Wick Watches aimed to craft timepieces that surpass conventional designs, capturing the elements of rarity and aesthetics.[2] What initially began as a personal project focused on crafting a "tourbillon" watch soon evolved into a premier watch manufacturing enterprise. Guided by Wick's leadership, the brand has expanded to encompass two advanced manufacturing facilities: one in Japan, specializing in automatic watches, and the other in China, focusing on smartwatches.[3]

Wick Watches upholds principles of integrity and innovation across its operational spectrum. From the inception of design to the final stages of production, the brand allocates resources to meticulous processes, innovative technology, and a proficient team. This unwavering commitment ensures that every watch bearing the Wick Watches logo is a testament to enduring excellence.[4]

Wick Watches offers a distinguished collection of over 56 watches, ranging from the exquisite Wick Tourbillon Editions to the technologically advanced Wick Smart Watch Editions. These collections embody the brand's dedication to pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation, appealing to both traditional horology enthusiasts and modern connoisseurs.[5]


Wick Tourbillon Editions:

Central to Wick Watches' heritage, the Tourbillon Editions epitomize the brand's commitment to pushing watchmaking boundaries. These high-end timepieces are esteemed for their rarity, precision, and aesthetics, showcasing the brand's craftsmanship.

Wick Japanese Open Heart Editions:

The Japanese Open Heart Editions pay homage to intricate Japanese watchmaking. Featuring an engaging open-heart movement, they offer a glimpse into the mechanics. By combining tradition and innovation, these watches capture Japanese horology with a modern sensibility.

Wick Smart Watch Editions:

Wick Watches seamlessly integrate tradition and technology in their Smart Watch Editions. Striking a balance between style and functionality, these watches pioneer horological advancement. Equipped with advanced features like dual cameras for video calls and seamless Google Assistant integration, they offer comprehensive cellular capabilities through SIM card support, ensuring convenient connectivity.

Wick Swarovski and Moissanite Editions:

Wick Swarovski and Moissanite Editions combine crystals and gemstones for elegance. These timepieces cater to diverse preferences, showcasing versatility in design.

Price range

Wick Watches presents a diverse selection of watches tailored to varied preferences and financial considerations. The pricing spectrum for Wick Watches' refined products begins at $325, providing an accessible entry point to advanced horology. For astute enthusiasts, the range extends up to $10,250, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship and intrinsic innovation evident in each unique watch.


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