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Valente Bertelli
Rome, Italy
CitizenshipUnited States of America
  • Film scoring
  • Songwriting
Alma mater
  • Musician’s Institute
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Singer
  • Composer
  • Record producer
Known forKnown for Slow Shiver and velvet-like voice
  • Gian Carlo Bertelli (father)
  • Shanda Lear (mother)

Valente Bertelli is an Italian singer, composer and record producer based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his musical project Slow Shiver[1] and his "velvet-like voice"[2].

Early life and education

Bertelli was born in Rome, Italy, son of American Jazz Singer Shanda Lear (daughter of American inventor Bill Lear and granddaughter of vaudeville comedian Ole Olsen) and Gian Carlo Bertelli, Italian theater director who noticeably produced the first Three Tenors concert (recording that became the highest selling classical disc in history). His family left Rome in 1981 to escape the country after a period marked by terrorist attacks ravaging Italy (Anni di Piombo). He grew up in the Italian part of Switzerland where he studied violin and piano. In 1999, Bertelli moved to Los Angeles to study bass at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, and continued his education at UCLA studying film scoring and songwriting. After uploading a song to Myspace under the moniker Valente (Home[3]), Bertelli started garnering the attention[4] of other musicians such as Guy Sigsworth, and T Bone Burnett.


1. Valente

Escape Artist (2006) was Bertelli’s first self-released EP. He would later release two other projects under the moniker Valente. Alexandria (2012), EP including a cover by Avi Buffalo and a remix by Big Black Delta. Music for Rooftops [5](2013), his first album engineered by Appu Krishnan, and recorded with the help of musicians' Aaron Embry, Steven Nistor and Thibaut Barbillon. The album was followed with an EP of remixes by Guy Sigsworth, Anoraak and Walter Sobcek of Bertelli's song The Distant Lights.

2. Nouvelle Vague

After the release of Escape Artist french producer Marc Collin invited Bertelli to work on the album Two For the Road (with Danish singer Katrine Ottosen), album imagined as the soundtrack of a movie that doesn’t exist. After the success of this musical project, Bertelli joined Nouvelle Vague (Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux’s main musical project) on several international tours (often being invited to also be the opening act with his project Valente), culminating in a sold-out performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

3. Slow Shiver

The death of artist David Bowie led Bertelli to "rethink his approach to his musical work"[6], in "bringing back the unapologetic vulnerability of male pop singers"[7]. In 2016, he released Dead Man Walking[8] under the moniker Slow Shiver that, to this day, is Bertelli’s main musical act.

4. Composer

As a composer, Valente Bertelli created music for TV series (such as Bushido Battleground for Robert Rodriguez’ El Rey Network and Confused, by the Salto Brothers), documentaries and international ad campaigns which have gone on to win several Golden Clio in New York and two Golden Lion in Cannes.


Official Releases
Year As Title Type
2006 Valente Escape Artist Album
2012 Valente Alexandria EP
2013 Valente Music For Rooftops Album [9]
2016 Slow Shiver Dead Man Walking (cover) Song
2016 Slow Shiver In Blue (Drive By Delivery)[10] Song
2017 Slow Shiver Set In Stone[11][12] Song
2017 Slow Shiver California Song released under the collaborative project Lauren Canyon[13]
2019 Slow Shiver (ft. knight) When the Party’s Over (cover) Song
Year Artist Title As a writer As a producer As a singer
2007 Marc Collin ft. Valente and Katrine Ottosen Two For the Road (album) Yes No Yes
2009 Nouvelle Vague Don't You Want Me (song) No No Yes
2011 Angela McCluskey Lullaby (song) No Yes No
2012 Mette Skou At Night (album) No Yes No
2012 Blackout Babies Ballad in Plain G (song) Yes No No
2012 Angela McCluskey Bring It All Back (song[14]) No No Yes
2014 Yasmine Hamdan Nediya (song) Yes No No
2015 Dessau Dancers O.S.T. Space Is The Place (song) Yes No Yes
2016 Anoraak We Lost (song[15][16][17]) Yes No Yes
2018 Christian Gibson Tethered (song) Yes No Yes
2019 Nouvelle Vague Under The Flag (song) No No Yes
2019 Nouvelle Vague Brass In Pocket (song[18]) No No Yes
2019 Nouvelle Vague I’m in Love With a German Film Star (song) No No Yes
2019 Nouvelle Vague Don't You Want Me (song) No No Yes
2019 Dreaming Of Ghosts Where To Look in the Dark (co-written with Fiora and Robot Koch) (song[19]) Yes No Yes
2020 Anders Mouridsen Yesterdays (album) No Yes No
Year Artist Title
2019 Construction All The Time (Slow Shiver rework)
2020 Robot Koch Dragonfly / Friendly Fire (Slow Shiver rework)

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