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vEmpire DDAO
  • Dominic Ryder
  • Mike Ryder

vEmpire DDAO is the world's first Metaverse token staking platform. Their token $VEMP launched as an incubated ILO on Unicrypt. Alongside their tradable token vEmpire also provide Non Fungible Tokens as trading cards for their on platform games. The initial sale of these NFTs contained a unique set of letters and numbers that connect gamers with social media influencers.[1] The influencers possess clues that lead to the discovery of other clues, which in turn leads to the discovery of a treasure worth around 1% of $VEMP's entire supply. At even half the size of MANA (Decentralands token), this would value the award at $5,000,000.[2]

vEmpire was named as one of the top 10 trading NFT cards on Opensea. Apart from staking and selling the assets, holders of VEMP token will be able to make money by playing in games using the Empire's gaming token or by solving the NFT puzzle.[3]


vEmpire has launched an NFT trading card game to enable players to compete on the site. These conflicts will benefit the community by allowing users with the greatest methods to capitalise on the protocol's potential. Possessing the equivalent NFT to the cards in the hand strengthens them, providing those who own the NFTs a little advantage in combat. This increase will not be sufficient to make winning profitable, but it will provide players with a modest advantage.

vEmpire is devoted solely to the actual decentralisation of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. The initiative is intended to reverse the trend toward centralization of so-called decentralised projects. Projects like vEmpire are necessary to ensure that the industry remains decentralised as it grows.

vEmpire DDAO intends to provide "DeFi-style" staking techniques and incentives for Metaverse token staking.[4] These awards will be awarded in VEMP, the platform's native token, in order to attract MANA (Decentralands token), SAND, AXS, and further tokens to the platform.[5]

These tokens will be used to infiltrate Metaverses that violate the Decentralisation ethos, or to settle in Metaverses that share their beliefs.[6] This will enable vEmpire and its users to establish a sizable presence in these Metaverses, therefore exerting influence and redistributing revenues to people who share our beliefs.[7]


The protocol of vEmpire is not limited to NFTs and this single trading card game. It enables the staking of Metaverse tokens in DeFiesque staking pools, in exchange for a yield in their VEMP token. These tokens may be used to purchase land, NFTs, and other assets located in Metaverses or NFT collections. Profits will be distributed to investors. The VEMP token is one of the top 550 tokens in terms of market capitalization.

Token Symbol $VEMP
Tokens Offered At ILO 90,000,000
Tokens Offered At IEO 6,250,000
Total Supply 810,720,000
Circulating Supply 171,598,903

Roadmap of vEmpire DDAO

  • Q4, 2021: Fully Functioning Staking Platform and NFT Game
  • Q1, 2022: Cross Chain Functionality and Top 3 Trading Card Series on Opensea
  • Q2, 2022: Multiple Tier 1 Exchange Listings and SOL functionality with $ATLAS Staking
  • Q3, 2022: Top Trading Card Series on Opensea and Secondary Game Released

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