Unione Giovani Ebrei d'Italia

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Unione Giovani Ebrei d'Italia
FormationMay 21, 1995; 28 years ago (1995-05-21)
  • Rome, Italy

The Unione Giovani Ebrei d'Italia (UGEI) is a Jewish Italian organization, youth branch of UCEI. It represents all Italian Jews in an age between 18 and 35 years old. UGEI is referring at UCEI on behalf of all local youth organizations and it is present as an observer member with right to speak at UCEI's reunions and at its quadriennal Congress. UGEI's main branches are the newspaper HaTikwa and the parties and events department REWiBE.


The association was born on the 21th May 1995 in the Constituent Congress of Milan inheriting the role of FGEI (Federazione Giovanile Ebraica d'Italia).[1]

UGEI represents Italy at an international level in EUJS (European Union of Jewish Students)[2] and WUJS (World Union of Jewish Students).[3] It makes part also of the Consiglio Nazionale Giovani.[4]

Executive board

Every year, during the Ordinary Congress, the componenets of the following year's Executive Board are elected. Their duty is to fulfill all the motions and recommendations express during the congressional debate.[5]

1 President Simone Santoro Turin Institutional relations, Relations with European Union of Jewish Students and World Union of Jewish Students.
2 Vice President David Fiorentini Siena International relations, Advocacy for Israel, Delegate to the Consiglio Nazionale Giovani.
3 Delegate for HaTikwa Giulia Ciolli Florence Social Media Manager (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), Delegate for the Jewish Community of Florence.
4 Treasurer Daphne Zelnick Milan Organizational support, Delegate for the Jewish Community of Milan.
5 Giulia Santoro Turin Small Communities and participation, Interreligious dialogue and Delegate for the Jewish Community of Turin.
6 Keren Perugia Rome Executive Director, Giovane Keilà, Delegate for the Jewish Community of Rome.
7 Bruno Sabatello Rome Delegate for UCEI, Relations with youth movements, Delegate for the winter camp.


The Italian Union of Jewish Students and Young Professionals coordinates and unites the Italian Jewish youth associations and all the young Jews of Italy. UGEI has the duty to develop the Jewish awareness of its members and to fulfill this moral obligation operates on various sectors.

Institutional Representation: UGEI is the contact person at the Union of Italian Jewish Communities on behalf of all youth associations and is present as an observer with the right to speak at its Council meetings. One of the objectives of the UGEI is to prepare young people to commit themselves with a sense of responsibility not only in the life of Jewish communities, but also in Italy. For this reason, it is present among the Associations of the National Youth Forum.

Trips and Shabbatonims: For the safeguarding and maintenance of the Italian and European Jewish identity, UGEI organizes various weekends (Shabbattonim) throughout the year to discover the small communities scattered throughout the territory. In addition, UGEI organizes Trips of Memory to the symbolic places of the Shoah, in Italy and abroad.

Culture and Hebrew Language: UGEI spreads knowledge of Jewish culture and the study of the language, as well as respecting the dictates of Judaism and guaranteeing the conditions within its activities that allow its observance. UGEI keeps the historical memory of the Shoah alive, so that the new generations can learn from it; it fights all forms of historical falsification and defends and passes on the moral and ideal heritage of the Resistance to Nazi-Fascism.[6][7]

Interreligious Dialogue: UGEI collaborates with all the other religious realities that aim to promote the eternal ideals of peace, freedom, democracy, progress, brotherhood.[8] At the same time, on the basis of mutual and absolute independence and freedom of opinion and action, it collaborates with the representative bodies of Italian Judaism and national and international Jewish bodies.

Events for Members: For its members, UGEI organizes various aggregative events of various kinds. Furthermore, as the representative body of young Italian Jews, UGEI offers to its members the opportunity to participate in exclusive events as a delegate, in Italy and around the world. It also plays the role of super partes guarantor by promoting and sponsoring the activities with the local representative bodies.

Seminars and Debates: UGEI organizes seminars and debates to create a platform of encounter, reflexion and enrichment for the young Jews of Italy. Always open to ideas and hints, UGEI during the years has taken part as organizor or speaker in the most heated debates of the civil society.

Political Interlocutor: UGEI's activites of ideological and cultural background of the last years have made UGEI able to interpret its role of credible and reliable representative within the Italian political world, but mantaining its original apartitic nature.


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