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Undarmaa Gonchig
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Born1974 (age 46–47)
Alma materMongolian State University of Arts and Culture
  • Actress
  • producer
  • director
  • philanthropist
Known forRole of Ariunsanaa in Single Ladies series
  • Tuya (mother)

Undarmaa Gonchig (Born 1974) [1] is a Mongolian actress, producer, director and philanthropist. Undarmaa is best known for her role of Ariunsanaa in Single Ladies series. She has an extensive career on stage, film, and television, which began in the mid-1990’s. She has appeared in more than 10 films and over 30 plays, and is one of Mongolia’s most recognizable actresses.

Undarmaa was born in Yoson-Bulag province, Govi-Altai to Gonchig and Tuya. Her mother, Tuya was a dancer at "Altai chuulga". Her mother was the biggest influence on her taking a step into entertainment industry. After graduating high school in 1991, Undarmaa attended Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture till 1995.


Undarmaa made her debut in the film “Bosoo oroolon”, in 1993. In the following year, she started as an actress in Erdenet theatre [1] She worked in the theater for 3 years. Undarmaa started acting in Mongolian Comedy Theatre in 1997 as the Mongolian comedy theatre was the most prominent theatre back in 90's to the early 20's. Comedy theatre “Shine uy” recruited her in 2000 and she worked in the company as an actress till 2013 [1] In 2013, she founded her own production company “Ufilm” and started producing and directing films. “Single Ladies 3”, third installment of the “Single Ladies” series, which she produced, is the highest grossing film in Mongolia up to date. And in 2018, she founded “U Stage” theatre and produced a play based on “The Quiet Don” by Mikhail Sholokhov [2] in it’s mother language, Russian. To this date, Ufilm Production Company has created 6 films [3] In 2018, She was one of the original judges on Mongolia's Got Talent.


In 2013, she created the “Hall of Faith” NGO, works on the projects remodeling parts of the public hospitals, as most of the public hospital buildings are outdated. The organization has worked on nine projects so far. She personally covered all of the costs associated with the eight projects out of nine. Renowned for her philanthropic acts she was awarded "Pioneer in Public Wellness" Mongolian Ministry of Health in 2018 [4]


Year Title Role
1993 Devil Tsetsegee
1997 Three ordinary days in Mongolia
2001 Go youth!
2009 Wrong turn Policewoman
2010 Fairytale love wife
2013 Single Ladies Ariunsanaa
2014 Partner
2015 Tutu
2015 Youth in a city
2015 Single Ladies 2 Ariunsanaa
2016 Lifeology
2017 Single Ladies 3 Ariunsanaa
2020 Single Ladies 4 Ariunsanaa
Ufilm Production
Year Title Role Note
2013 Single Ladies Ariunsanaa Producer
2014 Tutu Director
2015 Single Ladies 2 Ariunsanaa Director
2016 Lifeology Producer
2017 Single Ladies 3 Ariunsanaa Producer
2020 Single Ladies 4 Ariunsanaa [5] Producer



Year Title Role Director
1994 Friedrich Schiller “Intrigue and Love” Luise Miller Lkhagvasuren.L
1994 Sar Nuugdsan Shono Bujin Lkhasuren.L
1995 Jean-Baptiste Molière "The doctor in spite of himself" Jacqueline Lkhasuren.L
1995 Uriin zaya Nomin Baatarsuh.N
1997 Trap Detective woman Naidandorj.Ch
1997 Liar Katy Bayarmagnai
1997 Nohoin sureg Banhar Bayarmagnai
2007 Out of Order Jane Ganhuyag.N
2008 Run for Your Wife Barbara Smith Ariunbold.N

Comedy theatre

Year Title Theatre
1997 To Be or not To Be? Children's theatre, Erdenet city
1997 Family and Other Problems Children's theatre, Erdenet city
1997 Girls' Examination Children's theatre, Erdenet city
1997 A Bird Children's theatre, Erdenet city
1998 Thorn Flower Comedy theatre, Ulaanbaatar
1999 Bituu Shol Comedy theatre, Ulaanbaatar
1999 Rule Flouters 17 trunks of laughter, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Everyone for Themselves Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2001 Long Live the In-laws Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2002 Hurgen Beruud Huchtei Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2002 Last Girl that Left Without a Kiss Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2003 Limp Snake Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2004 Days spent in Jungle Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2005 Second Line Disaster Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2006 Long Distance Relationship Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2007 What to Do with the Infatuated? Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2008 Extraordinary Life Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2009 Do women fall in love again? Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2010 Recipe for Loving your Lover Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2011 Paid to Learn Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2012 Unbelievable but True Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Don't make girls cry Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Chase After Your Wife Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Married men are dismissed Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Love that hasn't Migrated Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Thousandth Letter Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
2000 Letter for your First Love Shine uy production, Ulaanbaatar
Ustage theatre
Year Title Role Note
2018 Woman from Mars Producer
2018 And Quiet Flows the Don Producer
2019 Pillow Thoughts (Children's theatre play) Producer


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