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Una (pseudonym[1]) is an artist and writer, author of the graphic novel Becoming Unbecoming and based in Yorkshire.[1] Una studied Fine Art at Leeds Arts University and the University of Leeds and holds a Ph.D in Fine Art Practice from Loughborough University.[2] She has published three works, the graphic novel Becoming Unbecoming and two short stories in graphic form: Cree and On Sanity- One Day In Two Lives. She lives in Yorkshire.[1]

Una’s first graphic novel Becoming Unbecoming took seven years to draw and write.[3] Speaking to Jenni Murray on Woman’s Hour Una stated that she started to make graphic novels because as an artist, drawing is a natural way to communicate.[3]

Una's second book, On Sanity: One Day in Two Lives is about illness and recovery in mental health, based on her mother's story of psychosis and treatment under the Mental Health Act 1983. [4] Part one tells the story from Una's perspective, part two tells the same story from her mother's perspective.

In 2018 Una was commissioned by New Writing North to write the book Cree.[5] Speaking about the book on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking programme Una said the book is based on a women's centre in an empty shop in Stanley, County Durham where women meet to make and craft and there is a freindly silence, punctuated by stitching and talking about lives that are often violent.[6]

In 2019 Una travelled to Brazil to Collaborate on a stage adaption of Becoming Unbecoming with Coletivo Rubra, a theatre group based in Mauá, São Paulo. [7]


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  • Becoming Unbecoming (2015)
  • On Sanity: One Day In Two Lives (2016)
  • Cree (2018)

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