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Tyrell Barr
Tyrell Barr.JPG
Born (1998-05-21) May 21, 1998 (age 25)
Phoenixville, PA
NationalityAfrican American
CitizenshipUnited States
  • Artist
  • Author
Years active2016 - present
OrganizationFSG The Label
Height5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
  • Timothy Barr II
  • Timeka Barr
  • Myesha Mcclam
  • Mersades Mcclam
  • Jayden Beluch-Barr

Tyrell Barr (born 21 May 1998), popularly known as FSG Rell, is an African American Hip-Hop artist and author.[1][2] FSG Rell is the founder of FSGTHELABEL, a multimedia company that offers a vast range of services including, a record label, clothing line, music publishing, artist development, global merchandising, and others.[3]

FSG Rell has released five albums, including two EP’s, and is best known for his hit song Gucci Prada Fendi. FSG Rell is the recipient of the W.A.M Best Hip Hop Album of the Year and is the author of 48 Weeks, a book that comprises his journey to becoming a leading hip-hop artist and the hardships that come along with it.[4]

FSG Rell has been featured in several media outlets including, Substream Magazine, The Source, Music Talkers, The New York Weekly, Hip Hop Since 1987, Say Cheese TV, Vevo, KollegeKidd, DJ Smallz Eyes, and others.

Early life and education

FSG Rell was born on 21 May 1998, in Phoenixville, PA. When he was eight years old, the Barr family moved to Pottstown, PA, a culturally and musically rich town. While growing up, FSG Rell was heavily influenced by his surroundings, which inspired him to write and rap. When FSG Rell was 13 years old, he started writing rap music and soon gained recognition in his hometown.

FSG Rell excelled in academics but was often suspended from middle school due to his behavior issues. When he moved to Pottsgrove, FSG Rell concentrated on his studies and demeanor and got accepted into the High Honors Society. During his high school, FSG Rell played football and ran track.


FSG Rell started his music career in 2016 when he released his first single - Checklist. In 2017, FSG Rell released his first EP, FMB. Soon after, he started working on his full-length album, titled No Lookin’ Back, which was released in 2017. In the same year, FSG Rell collaborated with TakeRisk Mugga and released Nightmare on Elm Street.[5]

In 2017, FSG Rell founded FSGTHELABEL, a multimedia company that offers a vast range of services including, a record label, clothing line, music publishing, artist development, global merchandising, and others. Within three years of its foundation, the company signed with 13 up and coming music artists.

In 2018, FSG Rell released his highly acclaimed project HighSchool Debut, which consisted of FSG Rell’s most popular song Gucci Prada Fendi. In the same year, FSG Rell also released his second full-length album, titled, As Promised. In 2019, Ambition Over Fear, the third full-length album by FSG Rell, was released. In the same year, FSG Rell also worked on Lil Schwenko and published his debut book, 48 Weeks.

In 2020, FSG Rell released More Than A Rapper, his sixth project where he worked with K-Shine, Ahna Mac, Richie Weds, Leaf Ward, SG Tip, Mecca, Frank Wit Da Grippaz, and Royal of OVO.


FSG Rell is the recipient of W.A.M Best Hip Hop Album of the Year.[6][7]


FSG Rell published his debut book titled 48 weeks in 2019.[8]


  • FMB (EP, Released in 2017): 6 songs
  • No Lookin’ Back (Released in 2017): 12 songs
  • HighSchool Debut (Released in 2018): 13 songs
  • As Promised (Released in 2018): 19 songs
  • Ambition Over Fear (Released in 2019): 13 songs
  • Ambition Over Fear (Radio Edit, EP, Released in 2019): 5 songs
  • Running Wild (EP, Released in 2019): 3 songs
  • Lil Schwenko (Released in 2019): 8 songs
  • More Than A Rapper (Released in 2020): 13 songs[9]

Personal Life

FSG Rell is a theist. He is passionate about traveling, watching anime, and learning different languages.


In the media



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