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Trobar de Morte
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Background information
Origin{ Barcelona, España
  • Folk music
  • Dark Pagan
  • Pagan-Folk
  • neofolk
  • ethnic music
  • medieval music
Years active1999–present
Associated actsHeilung, Wardruna, Einar Selvik, Omnia (band), Loreena Mckennitt, Dead Can Dance, Faun (band), The Moon and the Nightspirit

Trobar de Morte is a Spain|Spanish band of dark pagan folk music, assembled and led by the singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Lady Morte.


The band was created in 1999 by Lady Morte as a solo project and became a complete band over the years.

In the year 2003 she decided to focus on Trobar de Morte, having left her other bands, Ordo Funebris and Dark and Beauty along the previous years. This was the year of the band's first recording, an EP named Nocturnal Dance of the Dragonfly. The same year its first album, Fairydust[1], was released.

Over the next two years the band performed its first shows in Spain, including an appearance in the Existence Festival[2] in Valencia, sharing the line up with bands as Unheilig or My Own Gravity.

2005 was also the year of the Trobar de Morte's german Wave Gotik Treffen[3] first appearance, festival where the band will perform several times along the years.

The second band's album was released in January of 2006 and it was named Reverie[4], which marks the first collaboration with the prestigious illustrator Victoria Francés[5]. After the live presentation in Barcelona, the band was invited to perform two shows in Portuguese lands, including one appearance at the Medusa Festival 2006[6]. In June 17th, Trobar de Morte got playing at the Ethereal Fest[7] festival, which took place in Molins de Rei, city near Barcelona, where they also performed bands like Der Blaue Reiter, Traumer Leben and Gae Bolg.In September 8th they performed as supporting act for the legendary American band Faith and the Muse.

In 2008 Trobar de Morte released its third album Legends of Blood and Light[8] with cover drawn by the French illustrator Jean-Pascal Fournier and alternated live shows in Spain and Europe, including the band's second appearance at the German Wave Gotik Treffen [9].

2009 was the year of the band's German Festival-Mediaval[10] first appearance. They also performed at the Undead Dark Club in Barcelona, whose owner is the leader and singer of the band, Lady Morte.

Beyond the woods - The Acoustic Songs was released in 2011, when Trobar de Morte enjoyed its more successful year so far, enhancing its presence in the European stages. They played again at the German festival Wave Gotik Treffen[11], they supported the band Rosa Crux in Barcelona[12] and they played at the Portuguese festival Entremuralhas[13] [14], sharing line up with bands like Arcana, Diary of Dreams or Suicide Commando.

What's more, Trobar de Morte supported the well-known band Faun (band) in an European tour[15] playing in cities like Munich, Erfurt, Utrecht, Bochum, Nurnberg, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg and Celle.

In 2012 the fifth band's album, The Silver Wheel, was released. That year they performed in Barcelona and Madrid as they had usually done every two years so far, and visited the Wave Gotik Treffen festival in Leipzig again[16]. Furthermore, they played by first time in Romania at the Ghost Festival[17] [18]

Over the next two years the band performed different shows in its country and released a limited 7" vinyl single with the song Summoning the Gods, whose music video reached more than 3 millions views on Youtube: Summoning the Gods video (Youtube).

Year 2015 marked band's first appearance at Castlefest[19] festival in The Netherlands, while 2016 they played at Ragnard Rock Festival[20] in France.

The year 2016 is the year they also released its album Ouroboros[21], possibly its darker album so far and with an awesome cover by Victoria Francés. Alternating it with another dates in its own country, the band was chosen to play all together with the Celtic Orchestra of Barcelona[22], a successful collaboration which will be repeated in the future.

In 2017 Trobar de Morte joined The Moon and the Nightspirit for a small European gig called Into the Forest Tour[23] [24]which lasted eight days and let them play in some cities of Germany, France and Spain. That year the band played again at the german festival Wave Gotik Treffen[25], at Yggdrasil Medieval & Fantasy Pagan festival[26] in Italy, at Festival Mediaval of Selb[27] in Germany or the Iberian Warriors Festival[28] in Zaragoza, Spain, among others.

In 2018 the band released its seventh full-length album, whose title was Witchcraft[29].

2019 was a year in which the band played in several music events, like St Patrick Festival with the Celtic Orchestra of Barcelona[30], the Strigarium Festival[31] in Italy, the Hörnerfest Festival[32] in Germany, Castlefest Festival[33] in The Netherlands, the Looxwood Joust[34] [35] in the U.K., in Erfurt[36], Germany, and at the Vall d'Aran's Akelarre[37] in Spain. Furthermore, the band was supporting again the German band Faun (band) in their Spanish tour, playing in Barcelona[38] and Madrid[39], as well as was invited to the winter edition of the Castlefest Festival[40]

During COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Trobar de Morte focused on release its first compilation album called 20 Years of Music & Sorcery[41], containing its greatest hits and one unreleased track from the first band's demo tape, and also released a new album called The Book of Shadows[42] a few months later. They released some music videos during the coronavirus confinement in Spain, including one cover of the Scorpions (band)'s hit Wind of Change (Scorpions song)[43].

In 2021 the band featured on the cover of the renowned German magazine Sonic Seducer[44] and released its highest budget music video so far, the music video[45]of the song The Unquiet Grave, song adapted from an English folk song dated from 1400[46]. The band was scheduled to perform at the Motocultor Festival[47] in France, but coronavirus restriction forced the organizers to cancel the event[48]. The only live shows the band were able to perform along the year were at the Pagan Night[49] in France and in the horror-themed castle El Castillo de las Tinieblas, near Barcelona, Spain[50].

In 2022 the band will play at Echos & Merveilles Festival in France[51], with bands like Heilung, Corvus Corax or Faun (band) and will be supporting In Extremo in their 25th anniversary concert in Switzerland[52], among other events to be confirmed.



First Trobar de Morte albums stood out for its medieval tones, ethereal feeling and predominance of keyboards. Celtic and folk tunes also appeared along the years as well as the performing of real instruments and musicians helped to enhance that folk elements. Latests albums have shown how band's music turned into more ritualistic, dark and pagan. The use of instruments such us the hurdy-gurdy, the bagpipes or the violins affords the band sailing among that different styles, always driven by Lady Morte's gentle voice and choirs and very calmed harmonies. The band has also showed oriental and mesopotamian influences in their music.

Lady Morte, band's leader, singer and composer, has stated to be influenced from the beginning by bands and singers like Lisa Gerard, Sopor Aeternus, Jethro Tull, Corvus Corax, Luar Na Lubre or Joni Mitchell.[53]. She has described Trobar de Morte 's music as an "exaltation of nature, paganism and folk"[54]


The live show of the band is characterized by its dances, rituals and performances.

Lady Morte is the frontwoman who takes care of singing roles as well as playing the hurdy gurdy and some flutes, bouzouki and percussions. In the same way, several dancers have accompanied the live shows, enhancing the visual performance. The current band's official performer is Amaru Sabbat, who appears in all Trobar de Morte's shows in order to carry out all the rituals and dances, joining Lady Morte on stage and creating powerful choreographies.

The band uses several gadgets and resources on stage, such us swords, chalices, masks, colorful smoke and effects.


Many musicians have played in Trobar de Morte through the years, including Daimoniel who became Lady Morte 's right hand over eight years and composed some songs of the latest albums. He left the band for personal reasons though.

Nowadays the band is made up of very talented and experienced musicians located in Barcelona and Madrid.


The band lyrics talk about nordic and celtic mythology, witchcraft and legends. What's more, some lyrics are invocations themselves, according to Lady Morte statements[55]

Trobar de Morte uses different languages in its songs. We can find lyrics in English, Catalan, Spanish and Latin. Some of the songs are sung backwards, as we can appreciate in songs like Summoning the Gods from the album Ouroboros or Sacrifice from the album The Book of Shadows.


  • Lady Morte: singer, Percussion instruments, flutes, hurdy gurdy, lyrics and music
  • Moonvic: bass guitar
  • Ealaeth: acoustic guitar
  • Luka: percussions and drums
  • Caleb: Violin
  • Üri Bokskog: flutes and bagpipes
  • Amaru Sabat: ritual dance
  • Máiréad: violin

Former Members

  • Daimoniel: (2013-2021): guitars and bouzouki
  • Fernando Cascales (2008-2013): guitars, bouzouki and violin
  • Arianne (2004-2009): choirs and percussion
  • Lenna (2003-2007): guitar
  • Rorschach (2004): percussion
  • Lady Eodil (2004): live keyboards, percussion
  • Taedium (2003): percussion
  • Ormus: flutes and bagpipes
  • Awen: keyboards
  • Sined Zullin (2013-2018): Oriental percussions


Year Title Label Format
2004 Nocturnal Dance of the Dragonfly EP
2004 Fairydust LP
2006 Reverie LP
2008 Legends of Blood and Light LP
2011 Beyond The Woods - The Acoustic Songs LP
2012 The Silver Wheel LP
2014 Summoning the Gods Single 7"
2016 Ouroboros LP
2018 Witchcraft LP
2020 20 Years of Music & Sorcery Compilation
2020 Book of Shadows LP


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