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FounderJames Miller
Fremont, California

Top Work Boots is a peer-to-peer review site that hosts recommendations, reviews, and information on various types of boots. Top Work Boots has an online database of recommendations and rankings of numerous ‘Work Boots’ ideal for different jobs.[1]

This platform is dedicated to help people choose from a variety of ‘work boots’ available in the market as suited to their needs. The company’s writers draw on their personal expertise with the items to provide real suggestions for genuine Boots from a variety of manufacturers, including Timberland, Columbia, Skechers, and Caterpillar, to mention a few.


Top Work Boots was created with the aim to provide access to the best resources for buying their next pair of work boots. The idea behind the creation of this website was to educate people on the importance of choosing the right pair of work boots and how it affects the overall performance of a person. Since its launch Top Work Boots has enjoyed a positive response and interest from its readers - gaining recognition for its honest and detailed product reviews.


TopWorkBoots is a user-friendly website that publishes regular articles about the various types of boots available on the market, as well as information about their producers and attributes. TopWorkBoots' Editor's Choice column, which showcases the most popular boots based on characteristics, form, size, appearance, style, and usability, is the most popular article series.

Some of the regularly featured products on this website are made by Timberland, Columbia, Skechers, Quicksilk, and others. The highlighting feature of TopWorkBoots’ articles is that the blog posts not only point out the pros of any product but also the cons - giving the readers both sides of the coin - helping them make informed decisions before buying.


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