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Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Marketing and advertising
Available inEnglish
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)Salvatore DiBenedetto
Current statusActive

TikTunes is an American talent agency, specializing in influencer marketing. The agency is based in Schaumburg, Illinois and operates an online platform TikTunes.com that represents Tik Tok influencers and connects them directly with brands and provides professional consultancy and support.[1] The agency primarily focuses only on social media influencers and helps them maximizing revenues by providing direct access to record labels, brand deals and surveys.

TikTunes was founded in 2019 by influencer Salvatore DiBenedetto and quickly outgrown to a network of more than 7000 verified influencers from TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram and had surpassed 2 billion followers worldwide within 12 months of its founding.[2] The agency garnered significant media attention in Forbes, Deccan Herald, Yahoo, California Herald and others for its work in concept origination, messaging strategy, copywriting, and marketing strategy.

Within 18 months from founding, TikTunes has grown to become one of the largest influencer agency, serving its clients to grow exponentially with more than 5 million app installs and well over 600,000 conversions. TikTunes has been referred to as one of the most influential ways to reach the right audience using social media and platforms. It is significantly dominant in sales and collaborations with Tiktok creators.


TikTunes was founded by Salvatore DiBenedetto in 2019. The agency was named TikTunes, largely inspired by TikTok. DiBenedetto has a strong background in influencer marketing and he is known to be amongst the first to have 1 million followers on Instagram. DiBenedetto started collaborating with TikTok influencers, in a few months he was able to bring over several major TikTok influencers on its platform. The brands and companies that were looking for professional influencer marketing, started approaching the agency. Quite a few record labels started looking out for TikTunes to promote their music on the social networks.[3]

The agency expanded further its offerings, bringing Instagram and Snapchat into the fold. TikTunes is the only talent agency that doesn’t tie ups influencers into any contract and assists them to manage their revenue and business by connecting with brands and companies by utilizing their marketing powers. It has helped companies and influencers to reach the right audience by building audience on all platforms and gives immediate exposure and fulfill the business goals.[4]

In June 2020, even at Covid affected time, TikTunes was able to deliver well over 3000 creator submissions and helped them grow their collectively followers by over 1 billion.

TikTunes platform

TikTunes focuses on serving the influencers to monetize their content and harness the power of marketing and influencing.[5] It is known to have partnered with the leading and biggest database and network of TikTok influencers and collaborators. The agency is an expert in social media algorithms and bridges the gap between the companies that require influencer marketing, and influencers for direct brand collaborations.


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