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Third Eye Apes NFT
Third Eye Apes NFT.JPG
Developer(s)Disrupt Media Group
ReleaseNovember 2021

Third Eye Apes NFT is a blockchain artwork project based on Ethereum that allows users to purchase, collect, and sell Third Eye Apes as non-fungible tokens. It features a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn apes drawn by artist Deion’dre Devaux. The artwork is available with over 150 hand-drawn attributes of Dokis which includes skin tone, expressions, eyes, wearables, clothing, headwear, and other traits.[1]

Third Eye Apes NFT can be minted at 0.2 ETH. The project also features a metaverse where holders will have land ownerships. Third Eye Apes NFT is one of the early NFT projects that feature revenue-generating options for its community members, where random members will have access to funded Amazon/Walmart stores by the community Third Eye Apes.[2]


Third Eye Apes NFT operates on Ethereum's underlying blockchain network. As each ape is unique with different traits, held by the user, where ownership can be verified by the blockchain, its worth may rise or depreciate depending on the market and rarity. This project features hand-drawn animated apes and related assets with different traits that can be used in various combinations in their metaverse.[3]

Third Eye Apes NFT creators have some unique features include promotions with random drawings, where the winners would get free Amazon shops that will generate passive money.

By providing real-world utility to our community, such as equity in an investment fund for holder projects, digital island equity for holders, or even exclusive live events all over the world, they will enable their community to achieve financial independence while increasing our positive impact on their metaverse, and they will play a critical role in the development of this new world order.


Rewards Staking: Third Eye holders will be able to withdraw their Non in exchange for a native token, $TEAS, that will be exclusive to the community and will be used only by the community.

Metaverse Land Ownership: When the company meets our goal of selling out, they will purchase an island in the metaverse. Holders will have a 33 percent stake staked off the rarity of their Apes. Seven percent will be allocated to the owner of ape with rarity #1, for a total of 40% being distributed among all of the holders.

Real Life: The community aims to bring financial independence to all of its participants. In order to facilitate this, they will also provide holders with the ability to fund Amazon/Walmart stores through the use of their ape.

Community Investment Fund: In this phase, they will also examine revenue-generating options for the community to invest in, such as other NFT initiatives or real-world enterprises to which community members will be granted unique access.

After sold-out, for every 500 mints, they will be giving away an e-commerce store! Every day at 11:11 p.m., there will be a giveaway. After sold-out, Apes will be selected at random from a pool of 15 Ecom retailers.

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