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The Whale Maker NFT
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Developer(s)Booknerd.eth, Kevin Harrington

The Whale Maker NFT is a unique NFT project created by Kevin Harrington[1] an American entrepreneur best known for his appearance on The Shark Tank, in collaboration with leading NFT & Web3 Thought Leaders. The Whale Maker was founded with the aim to lure early-stage investors and help build projects with a unique concept.[2]

This project offers only 1000 Whale Sharks NFT with 81 bespoke Traits. These 1000 NFTs consist of T 10 1:1 Rare Whale Sharks and a unique 1:1 Banker Whale. The NFT token mint price is .5 ETH per Whale Shark + .1 ETH for their Alpha Pass.


The Whale Maker was founded in 2021 by Kevin Harrington, The Original Shark as a diversified NFT project promoting inclusion in the blockchain community and supporting budding entrepreneurs. The unique Banker Whale amongst the 1000 NFT tokens offered by The Whale Maker gives the holder a founder's role inside the project along with a shared revenue White Whale that further puts the holder in the whitelist to all future projects and collaborations. Other unique tokens in this project are Ape Whale, 8 Bit Whale, Killer Whale, Golden Whale, Narwhal Skeleton Whale, and Moby Dick Vampire Whale.[3]

Even though promoting early-stage startups is the key function of this project, The Whale Maker also focuses on collaborating with artists with a vast and unique portfolio. The Whale Maker NFT also serves as a pass to the project's diverse range of events, alpha chats, masterminds, and the staking platform.

The unique aspects of this project include the Alpha Phase (NFT Alpha & Crypto Alpha), The Whale Pad, The POD DAO, and The Whale Guide.

Alpha Phase

This phase comprises NFT Alpha which is basically designed to give members early access to top project’s presale and whitelist offers and Crypto Alpha which is a trade signals platform to help investors profit from trading.

The Whale Pad

This is a platform where members get the opportunity to pitch their entrepreneurial projects to Kevin Harrington and/or help him in finding, incubating, and launching other unique projects.


As an integral arm of The Whale Maker Project, The POD DAO invests in Web3, Metaverse, Defi, GameFi, & NFT. The POD DAO uses an application process for our whitelist to review each candidate before approving them to join. There is also an economic model inside DAO that rewards stakers based on the increase in value of DAO holdings. These include tokens, NFTs, a P2E Guild, and land across multiple metaverses.

The Whale Guide

It is a P2E business run inside the POD DAO with assets and revenue from players held inside the DAO.


The Whale Maker’s roadmap is also divided into four different aspects based on the different sides of the project:


Initially, The Whale Maker launched the Whale Guide in 2020 to attract people to join The POD DAO and earn a passive income. A year later, they organized an Airpods giveaway on WAX, Poly, and ERC. As of 2021, the $POD has become a Governance Token and the center of the entire Whale Economy, with the ongoing staking of the Alpha Pass, collaboration opportunities, and a Sidecar opportunity where the holders get to learn more about their interesting investment choice from the makers. In 2022, The Whale Bank, a Funded Liquidity Pool, and Alpha Pass Staking to earn $POD will also be launched.


As of 2021, The Whale Maker is running a unique NFT Alpha Chat and Call feature wherein holders can discuss their investment opportunities. The Guide Alpha Program also runs under this category where The Whale Maker helps budding entrepreneurs with P2E opportunities. Seen and private funding rounds under POD are also held.


The Whale Maker has also created a vast Discord community that includes industry giants and top investors. It also organizes a weekly AMA where participants receive training from professionals. In 2021, The Whale Maker started an Industry Leader AMA and a Whale Con Event will be launched in early 2022.


In 2022, The Launch Pad will facilitate a creator chat, that will give insightful market information, a promotion army, that will help entrepreneurs with marketing their products, and also run an incubator program.


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