The Paul O'Sullivan Band

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The Paul O'Sullivan Band
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OriginBaltimore, Maryland Manchester, England Rotterdam, Netherlands Weatherly, Pennsylvania
GenresPop rock
Years active2020–present
MembersPaul O'Sullivan (Vocals, Guitar)
Paul O'Sullivan (Bass)
Paul O'Sullivan (Vocals, Guitar)
Paul O'Sullivan (Percussion)

The Paul O'Sullivan Band is an internationally-based, adult-pop band consisting of four members (all of whom are named Paul O'Sullivan). Given the fact that all band members have the same first and last name, they often use geographically-based nicknames to avoid confusion (e.g. "Baltimore Paul" / "Manchester Paul" / "Rotterdam Paul" / "Pennsylvania Paul").[1] There is a common misconception that the "Paul O'Sullivan" name is an agreed-upon stage name, as part of a larger gimmick. However, all four members are truly (in the legal sense) named Paul O'Sullivan.

Their debut single "Namesake" was released on February 4, 2020 with an accompanying music video.[2] The "Namesake" music video garnered 20,000 views during its first two weeks, catching the eye of T&T Creative agency. On March 25, 2020 the band signed an exclusive licensing deal with T&T Creative (which expired in September 2020).

During the formation of the band, Paul O'Sullivan ("Baltimore Paul") intended for the group to be a trio. The vision was to create a trio comprised of: 1. "Baltimore Paul," 2. "Manchester Paul," and 3. "Killarney Paul" (a lead guitarist from Killarney, Ireland also named Paul O'Sullivan). Coincidentally, "Killarney Paul" was unable to join the group because of a prior commitment to his own band, Greywind. Shortly thereafter, "Baltimore Paul" asked a man named Paul O'Sullivan from Rotterdam, Netherlands if he wanted to join the band.[3] "Rotterdam Paul" accepted the invitation, and became an official member of the band. With the lineup now solidified, the band quickly shifted their attention to songwriting. "Baltimore Paul" and "Rotterdam Paul" would frequently send song demos back and forth to each other through the private messaging feature on Facebook.[4] Ultimately, they worked together to create a basic 'skeleton' of their song "Namesake." Next, they gave the 'skeleton' of the song to bass player "Manchester Paul" (so he could write his respective part for the song). Given the remote nature of their collaborative process, the song had to be "pieced together" at a professional recording studio. This process was executed by Grammy-nominated engineer/producer Eric Taft at The Buzzlounge Recording Studio in Beltsville, Maryland [5]

After "Namesake" was recorded, the band began brainstorming ideas for the music video. In order to capture the 'look' of a live band, they enlisted the help of Weatherly, Pennsylvania resident Paul O'Sullivan (who would step in as the band's percussionist). He was then given the chance to officially join the band. He accepted the offer, and is now known as "Pennsylvania Paul" within the band.


  • Internet Famous: A Retrospective EP (Release Date: December 30, 2020)


  • "Namesake" (Release Date: February 4, 2020)

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