The Lasses

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The Lasses
Background information
GenresFolk music
Years active2012 –present
LabelsThe Lasses
Associated actsStijn van Beek, Alan McLachlan and Mirte de Graaff
MembersSophie Janna,
Margot Merah

The Lasses is a Dutch duo that was formed in Amsterdam in 2012. Their music might be best classified as folk music with links to the Irish, Scottish and American music traditions.

The group released its debut album The Lasses in early 2012. For their second album Daughters they collaborated with Dutch musicians Stijn van Beek, Alan McLachlan and Mirte de Graaff. In 2014 they met with American musician Kathryn Claire, with whom they started touring across the American West coast. Together with Kathryn Claire they released their third album, Live at de Parel van Zuilen. Their fourth album Undone was released in Paradiso in October 2019.[1] In that same month they performed in Dutch TV programme Vrije Geluiden.[2]

The Lasses' album Undone made it to number two on the Euro-Americana chart,[3] a record chart for Americana music composed by European folk DJs.

Band members

  • Margot Merah – vocals, guitar, bodhran, tenor ukulele, shruti box
  • Sophie Janna - vocals, guitar, bodhran, tenor ukulele, shruti box


  • Undone (2019)
  • Live at de Parel van Zuilen (2017)[4]
  • Daughters (2015)[5][6]
  • The Lasses (2012)

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