The Geisha Tea House NFT

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The Geisha Tea House NFT
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Developer(s)Akirelu Tea House

The Geisha Tea House NFTs are 10,000 randomly produced Geisha from the Akirelu Tea House and will be launched on 11th January 2022.[1] The Geisha Tea House NFTs are characterized as tokens with enchanting beauty and are available in nine different rarity categories, resulting in a variety of unique attribute combinations.[2]

Geisha NFT also serves as a Tea House invitation, granting the holders access to exclusive member privileges such as monthly Tea House Events and launchpad, among others.[3] The Geisha Tea House NFT project is made up of high-quality digital artworks that are all one-of-a-kind. The initiative, which has a rich past, has a lot of potential for business tycoons, crypto investors, and NFT collectors.[4]


The Geisha Tea House NFT is a blockchain initiative that digitally recreates popular Japanese female professional entertainers. Geishas are historical personalities in Japan. Geishas are neither courtesans nor prostitutes, contrary to popular assumption.[5] This project is created by Regal Star, Akil Wade, and Lukas Novotny and comes with proof of ownership recorded as an ERC 721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT is all set to be launched on 11th January 2021 with a pre-sale price of 0.0555 ETH and a public mint price of 0.0888 ETH.[6]


The roadmap for Geisha Tea House NFT will cover eight stages as of now which will further be elaborated according to public demands.[7] It will start with the Airdrop Stage, wherein Akirelu Okiya will airdrop 5 free Geisha NFTs among early supporters during the Mint Phase.[8]

In the second stage, the Geisha NFT holders will get access to the launchpad, securing whitelist spots for the hottest NFT projects in the space.

In the third stage, Geisha Tea House will begin hosting monthly events, inviting prominent business tycoons to share their expertise as well as invest in the project as a whole. Eventually, these events will take place in a virtual Tea House built in Decentraland.

In the fourth stage, Akirelu Okiya will offer exclusive Holders-Only Access to Discord channels, creating an Alpha Community.

In the fifth stage, a Geisha Store will open, containing the most exclusive geisha items available. A Rare Store will also be created at this time, where tangible collector's items will be offered. Rare things will even be available in joint ownership, bridging the metaverse and real-world divides.

In the sixth stage, most loyal NFT holders will get the opportunity to mint a free Maiko NFT - the uneducated and slightly more naughty little apprentice which will have additional benefits.

In the seventh stage, purchased Geishas will be able to enter into promotions and marketing, creating a liquidity pool.

In the supposedly last stage, the project will launch more offers with a promise of adding more creative and profitable stages in the roadmap. (For a teaser, in the first stage of the second roadmap this NFT project will create a Hanamachi Fund, comprising a percentage of sales commissions that will be used to set up investment funds for business-related events in The Geisha Tea House Community.)


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