The Broken Horizon

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The Broken Horizon
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Background information
OriginPamplona, Navarre, Spain.
GenresMetalcore Deathcore
Years active2015–present
LabelsArt Gates Records
WebsiteThe Broken Horizon
  • Alex Nuñez
  • Jun Nuñez
  • Joanes Esain
  • Parra
Past members
  • Odei OchoaIñigo "Pupilas
  • Raul Teiga
  • Haitzito" Bujanda

The Broken Horizon or T.B.H is an Spanish deathcore/metalcore band from Navarre, Basque Country...[1]. Formed in December 2015, the band has released one studio album [2], one EP [3], one split album [4] and three videoclips: Haunting me [5], Oui [6] and Shut the Fuck Up [7]. A new album is going to be released in 2021 [8]. The band had an exponential growth since 2018 where they started playing in different shows and festivals in their home country (Desolation metal fest, Rock the Coast...) [9] [10] and even in southern France (Buru Beltz festival) [11]. In 2020 they formed part of Resurrection Fest [12] line-up but, due to COVID-19 crisis, this festival was moved to 2021 [13].

The band topics talk about the inner preocupations and the worst part of hummanity. This can be observed in the LP Desolation released in 2018. Since it has been informed, the band has changed their lyrics and topics to new matters, being more conscientious and taking more relevance topics about domestic violence, anti-fascism, war and anticlericalism.


The Broken Horizon was born in 2015 after trying with different formations than the actual one where Odei Ochoa, Iñigo "Pupilas" and Raul Teiga remained as original members. This formation as a trio band didn't last long when "Jun" was incorporated as official bassist in December 2015. With this formation they started looking for a powerful sound and it is at this time when Alex, Jun's brother, entered in the band commanding the seven strings guitar and with this closing the formation. The genre of this band is related to metalcore, hardcore or deathcore being influenced by bands like Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, Parkway Drive, Our Hollow Our Home and August Burns Red among many others. The first EP of the band, Prologue, was the starting point of the band and was published in February 2015. The project consisted in 6 songs recorded at Akira Studios. With this EP, the videoclip of Shut the Fuck Up, filmed by Alex Unai Arrieta, was released. This album was their chance to start playing on live across their autonomous community and, in a few occasions, in Cantabria and Alava. In 2017, with an stable formation and becoming known in their zone, they decided to bet for a new project that can help them to grow. This project was the LP Desolation, released in June 2018. The album was recorded at The Metal Factory Studio (TMF), with the work of Alex Cappa (Skunk D.F., Hamlet (band), Vita Imana, etc.) [14] and Pablo Rousselon, with the assitance also of Miguel García "Garci" from Dawn of the Maya[15] [16]The album has different featurings of other Spanish bands and friends like Iñi from Childrain, Noa from XNIGHT, Fernando (The core inside and member of Hardcore Hits Cancer), and members of other bands [17]. The release of the album leaded the quintet to sign for Demai Management & Booking[18] and later, under the Art Gates label [19] In August 2018, the formation shows a change when Iñigo decides to leave the band and Parra joins as a new vocalist instead. It is during this year when the band starts to take relevance at national level becoming part of different and important line-ups like Rock the Coast where bands as Jinjer, Aborted or UFO (band) played [20]. This performing was an inflexion point in their career and the farewell of Raul Teiga as official drummer. Since this date, "Haitzito", who is a closely friend of the band, enters as drummer for helping the band with different shows, but never becoming part as an official member. In last months of 2020, Odei Ochoa, the last original member, left the band as guitarist and Jun left the bass to become the new guitarist. Also, Joanes entered in the band as the main drummer. In this way, the band became a quartet again. The last news about them talk about a new studio album release in 2021. This album was recorded in Sureau Studios (Catalonia), with the help of Carles Salse and Sebas Sendon (Bleed from Within sound engineer) as recording and mixing engineers[21]

Band members

Current members

  • guitar (2015–present)
  • Jun Nuñez – bass (2015–2020) guitar (2020–present)
  • Joanes Esain – drums (2020–present)
  • Parra – vocals (2018–present)

Former members

  • Iñigo "Pupilas" – vocals (2015-2018)
  • Raul Teiga – Drums (2015-2019)
  • "Haitzito" Bujanda – Drums (2019-2020)


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