The Alleyman’s Tarot

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The Alleyman’s Tarot
IndustryCard Game
FounderSeven Dane Asmund

The Alleyman’s Tarot is a 137-card tarot deck, funded on Kickstarter. The card features a selected patchwork project and Alleyman’s tool.[1] The complete deck includes many components such as tarot guide book, five booster packs, five arts, chips, coins, cloth, art prints, satin bag, and wooden box (regular and limited edition).[2][3]


The Alleyman’s Tarot, launched by Seven Dane Asmund, has 137 cards cards designed by over one hundred artists. With a portion consisting of cards licensed from other, real-world tarot decks, a portion comprising of cards Seven or other artists created for the deck, and a portion composed of standalone cards from older, public domain tarot decks.[4] It is known to have been funded in less than 12 hours and raised $1,404,172 from 19,275 supporters, making it the most-funded and backed tarot project on Kickstarter.[5]

It is well-known that The Alleyman's Tarot cards tell users a story about someone else that ultimately turns out to be about them. This deck comes with a unique guide written by the Alleyman himself that explains the complexities of the deck and the use of its various cards. In addition, the deck also includes four (five) booster packs, five art prints, a coin a chip, a unique tarot cloth, a cigar box, and a deck bag.[6]

New Titan Print was selected as the manufacturer and fulfillment partner of this product. Later on New Titan Print and Publishing Goblin also formed joint venture to sell the remaining Alleyman products in their online store.[7]


With 133 (137) cards, the deck undoubtedly contains some oddities. There are nine Deaths, two Devils, two Suns, three cards from the Tower series (the Tower, the House of God, and the Horizon), and unusual cards like the Fountain and the Three of Books. Alleyman selected each because they add significant fresh perspectives to the readings.[8]

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