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Teodor Bojinović
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Jadar district
Zvornik, Karađorđe's Serbia

Teodor Bojinović (Serbian: Теодор Бојиновић; Dobrić, Serbia, Ottoman Empire, 1780 - Zvornik, Karađorđe's Serbia, 1813)[1]was one of the first revolutionaries from Jadar (Serbia) who successfully engaged the Ottoman troops in the First Serbian Uprising.[2][3][4]


He was born in the Jadar (Serbia), in the village of Gornji Dobrić, in 1780.[5]In 1804, Đorđe Ćurčija placed him as a Boluk-bashi over the right side of the Jadar (Serbia) and sent him to Lesnica (Trgovište), where he expelled the Turks across the Drina and encamped in Ranitovac. He fought bravely but had to retreat in front of a larger Turkish army. After Ćurčija's death, he was the most prominent man in the Serbian military in Jadar. When a truce with the Turks took place, he wasn't active; he stayed at home. During the battles in the Šabac Nahiye (Ottoman), he went with several men across Cer and began fighting with the Turks. But since his wife and house were in Jabra, a rumour began to spread that he had come as a Turkish spy. Hearing this, Teodor promised that he will either die in the first battle or catch the Turk alive. In the first battle, he kills a Turk. Others rushed at him to cut off his head, and he fired a rifle at the Turk's head, knocked him unconscious to the ground and tied him up. But while he was doing this, another Turk pulled out a rifle and wounded him in the hip. And so his boys brought before their leader Jakov Nenadović both wounded Teodor and the bound Turk. Afterwards, he spent some time convalescing in a hospital monastery Radovašnica from the hip wound that left him slightly lame. When Jakov Nenadović rebelled against Jadar and Radjevina again in 1807, he appointed Anta Bogićević voivode (duke). In 1808, the followers of Bojinović demanded before the Governing State Council that the leadership of the right side of the Jadar district be given to Teodor Bojinović, at least as a boluk-bashi. Since Anta Bogićević was a duke and a man of wealth, he was able to sway the vote of the Governing State Council in his favour. Then, Bojinović deserted the military and went back to his farm where he was engaged in agriculture until 1813. When the Turks took control of Serbia again (1813), they came after him, captured him and took him to Zvornik where he was hanged.[6]

Teodor Bojinović is considered among the heroes of the Serbian Revolution.[7] He was killed in Zvornik in 1813.[8]


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