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Tapps Games
Native name
Tapps Tecnologia
Public company
IndustryVideo games; Mobile games
GenreIncremental game; Action; Fantasy; Life Simulation; Comedy; Casual
FoundedDecember 2011
FounderRene Retz; Flavio Miyamaru
São Paulo
Number of employees

Tapps Games is a Brazilian mobile game development company based in São Paulo, Brazil, founded by Rene Retz and Flavio Miyamaru. It is best known for "My Boo" and its Evolution game series, most notably Cow Evolution.

History and Formation

Tapps Games was founded by Rene Retz and Flavio Miyamaru in December 2011. Their mascot is a character named Tappy. According to one of the lead developers, it was difficult to start a company in Brazil due to its lack of a structured gaming market, although there are still more people that own a smartphone and have access to the internet there than the rest of South America. Most of the company's localization work consists of translation of both their store and their in-app content. They have had 170 employees as of 2021.

Retz has said that their goal is to entertain as many people as possible.

The company's first game, LightUp, was released on May 26, 2012. They soon quickly gained worldwide success in the next couple of years for games such as My Boo, Do Not Disturb!, Toilet Time, Vlogger Go Viral, and Cow Evolution. Their app "Agent Hawk Cardboard" was ranked as their #1 best-selling app in the US in 2017.[1]


Taken from SensorTower.com[2]

List of games by Tapps Games
Title Release Date
LightUp May 26, 2012
Run, Tappy, Run June 29, 2012
Where's Tappy? August 9, 2012
Honey Battle August 20, 2012
Do Not Disturb! July 3, 2013
Tree Fortress August 23, 2013
My Virtual Pet August 29, 2013
My Boo September 25, 2013
Toilet Time December 17, 2013
My Doll House December 18, 2013
Kitty Cat Clicker March 1, 2014
Adventure Land March 12, 2014
My Virtual Pet Shop May 6, 2014
Mine Quest June 12, 2014
My Fairy Tale July 30, 2014
Plush Hospital August 1, 2014
Jack Pott August 19, 2014
Cow Evolution August 26, 2014
My Virtual Dragon September 27, 2014
Do Not Disturb! 2 October 8, 2014
Cookbook Master October 15, 2014
Fat No More November 25, 2014
Platypus Evolution November 27, 2014
My Boo Album December 13, 2014
Money Tree
Goat Evolution February 3, 2015
Call of Doodie April 9, 2015
My Derp May 21, 2015
My Magic Castle May 28, 2015
Giraffe Evolution June 2, 2015
Dear Diary June 20, 2015
Epic Party Clicker July 4, 2015
Every game in the I Am series July 18, 2015
My Grumpy August 8, 2015
Zebra Evolution September 17, 2015
Chicken Evolution October 24, 2015
Solitaire Detectives October 27, 2015
Vlogger Go Viral: Be an Internet Celebrity Legend! November 10, 2015
Octopus Evolution November 27, 2015
My Cat Album December 8, 2015
Sarah's Secrets December 18, 2015
Fashion Fever March 8, 2016
My Monster House May 15, 2016
Shark Evolution May 18, 2016
Magic Guardians May 24, 2016
My Nail Makeover July 1, 2016
Cat Evolution July 6, 2016
So Social July 7, 2016
Monkey Evolution June 29, 2016
Animal Rescue October 28, 2016
Birds Evolution November 17, 2016
My Monster Album November 23, 2016
Turtle Evolution December 22, 2016
Dragon Evolution January 31, 2017
Hollywood Billionaire February 3, 2017
Panda Evolution April 4, 2017
Fashion Fever 2 April 20, 2017
Unicorn Evolution April 21, 2017
Agent Hawk Cardboard May 26, 2017
Gladiator vs. Monsters June 1, 2017
Fox Evolution June 15, 2017
Bacteria Evolution July 1, 2017
Gym 'Til Fit July 15, 2017
Dolphin Evolution August 8, 2017
Fox Evolution August 17, 2017
Secret Life of Food
Robot Evolution August 26, 2017
Dino Evolution
Food Cats September 2, 2017
Dog Evolution September 12, 2017
Horse Evolution December 2, 2017
Reindeer Evolution December 5, 2017
Thrones: Kingdom of Elves December 14, 2017
Elephant Evolution December 20, 2017
We Are Illuminati January 11, 2018
Fairy Evolution January 14, 2018
Lion Evolution January 15, 2018
Snake Evolution January 20, 2018
Phoenix Evolution February 2, 2018
Evolution Galaxy March 28, 2018
Hamster Evolution April 23, 2018
Carmen? August 17, 2018
Do Not Disturb 3 - Grumpy Marmot Pranks! August 28, 2018
Human Evolution April 20, 2021
Medicine Dash - Hospital Time Management Game June 30, 2021
Video Game Evolution July 11, 2021
Griffin Evolution
Hamster Evolution
Raccoon Evolution
Mouse Evolution
Slime Evolution
Eagle Evolution
Fish Evolution
Duck Evolution
Mermaid Evolution

Evolution Series

One of Tapps Games' most popular series of games is the Evolution series. It started with Cow Evolution also known as Cow Evolution: Animal Clicker or Cow Evolution: Mootant Apocowlypse[3]. It was released on August 26, 2014. In the game the player must drag a cow across the screen and match it with an identical cow, causing them to mutate. Cows can also be purchased at a shop for either coins or diamonds. A crate containing a cow will appear every couple of seconds, and these can be upgraded to arrive faster or contain a more powerful cow. The types of cows that you discover can be viewed in the Moopedia. The more the player progresses, the bigger and more powerful the mutants become. Later in the game you are given the option to trade your cows to aliens, and can go to other planets to mutate them, starting with Mars and then Pluto. Once you create a supreme being with enough power, you can reset the game.

Cow Evolution and received positive reviews. One source stated that "Manitoids sometimes find this game to be a bad distraction from their studies. But others use it to bribe themselves to get the work done."[4] Another source described it as "an absurd but an idle way to kill your time." A sequel, Platypus Evolution, was released in November 2014. Since then, other sequels have been made, in which the player evolves goats, octopi, foxes, snakes, fairies, dragons, and more. On April 20, 2021, Tapps released the first Evolution game in more than three years: Human Evolution.


The company had amassed 10 million downloads in less than two years[5] and more than 700 million downloads worldwide, making them one of the most successful mobile game publishers of all time. Edamame Reviews praised their game "We Are Illuminati" for being long and interesting.[6]


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