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Surf Punks NFT
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Surf Punks NFT is the first NFT based artwork project that targets surfers and Crypto enthusiasts, launched in 2021.[1] The initial collection comprises 500 unique hand-drawn radical surfers, creatures, and legends, each of which has their own stories and different characteristics.[2]


Surf Punks was launched in 2021 on the Ethereum with the aim to attract the surfing community and NFT enthusiasts. The idea behind the inception of this NFT project was to merge these two very different industries and create a platform where people with similar interests can interact and invest.

Initially, Surf Punks released 500 unique hand-drawn radical surfers, creatures, and legend tokens, which sold out on the first day of minting. Each of these tokens was given a unique identity by attesting a personal story to them and incorporating distinct characteristics. The founders wanted to give attention to detail while creating these SurfPunks and what better way to do that than by giving them a voice and personality. Some of the SurfPunk tokens resonate with the personalities of prominent celebrities and gurus in society. All the SurfPunk holders have access to the exclusive community, wave pools around the world, and different industry events.


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