Sultanate of Buton

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Sultanate of Buton

Common languagesWolio, Cia-cia, Moronene
Islam, Animism
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Established
• Disestablished
Today part ofIndonesia

Sultanate of Buton was an indigenous sultanate in today's Indonesia.[1] It used to rule over Buton island and parts of Southeast Sulawesi province.[1] It is a constitutional monarch with it's own written constitution and rule, complete with bodies acting as legislature, system of judiciary, and executive power.[1][2]

Early History

Islands that made what of sultanate's territory was called "Liwuto Pataanguna", means Four Islands. People from Buton Islands were called "tukang besi", literally means blacksmith.[3] There are several version of how people there named this way, one from an oral story of a Dutch man arrived on the islands & suprised with almost everyone are using iron tools, hence he named it Toekang Besi Eilanden. Other version suggested that it was from another kingdom within the region named kingdom of Tukabessi. [3]

Islands of Buton was mentioned in Nagarakretagama & palapa oath, suggesting that the islands were once under influence of Majapahit. The kingdom was established around 1300s by a queen named Waa Kaa Kaa. Most of the time before kingdom converted to Islam, the rulers are female. The first king that converted to Islam was king Murhun, later renamed Sultan Murhum Kaimuddin Khalifatul after convert.[2] Kingdom of Buton officially converted to Islam under his reign with help of a scholar from Johor Sultanate.[2]

Constitutional monarchy

Unlike other kingdoms & sultanates in the region, Sultanate of Buton was a constitutional monarchy. The constitution was written & named Murtabat Tujuh.[1][2] This constitution was formalized by Sultan LaElangi (1597-1631) and didnt change much until sultanate was abolished.[1]


During 16th century, city of Baubau was heavily fortified which today is Buton Palace Fortress, a popular tourist spot in the region.[4]


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