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Steven Umbrello
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CitizenshipCanada, Italy
  • BA in philosophy
  • MA in Science and Technology Studies
  • MSc in Epistemology, Ethics and Mind
  • Ph.D
Alma mater
  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Ethicist
  • Researcher
EmployerInstitute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies
TitleManaging Director

Steven Umbrello is an Italian-Canadian ethicist and researcher of ethics of technology at the University of Turin.[1][2]. He is the Managing Director[3][4][5][6] of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, a think tank focused on techno-progressivism.

Academic career

Steven obtained his Honours Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, philosophy of science, and classical civilizations from the University of Toronto.[7][8] This was followed by a M.A in Science and Technology Studies from York University[9] supervised by Daniel McArthur and a MSc in Epistemology, Ethics and Mind from the University of Edinburgh[5] under the supervision of Emma C. Gordon[10] with a dissertation eventually published in the journal Science and Engineering Ethics. In 2018, he enrolled in the Ph.D program of the FINO Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium,[11][12] where he researches meaningful human control of autonomous weapons systems and value sensitive design.[1]


Steven began working as a Junior Associate[13] with Seth Baum at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute (GCRI).[14][15] During his time at GCRI he contributed to a number of organizational activities including research projects and publications focused primarily on advanced nanotechnology[16] and atomically precise manufacturing.

In 2015, Steven began working as the Assistant Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. In the spring of 2016, Steven assumed the role of Managing Director after the then Managing Director Hank Pellissier stepped down.[17][18]

After leaving the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute in 2018, Steven's main research focus shifted to engineering ethics[19][20] with a primary focus on the philosophical and methodological underpinnings of the Value Sensitive Design approach to technology design.[21][22][23]

Furthermore, Steven is the co-editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Technoethics (2020 to present)[24] along with Baha Abu-Shaqra,[25] the book reviews editor of the journal Prometheus - critical studies in innovation (2018 to present),[26] and sits on numerous editorial boards including that of the journals Delphi: Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies',[27] ROBONOMICS: The Journal of the Automated Economy,[28] Informatica[29] and the AI Ethics Journal.[30] He also served as an Associate Editor of the journal Science and Engineering Ethics.[31]

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