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Stephen Scoggins
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Raleigh, North Carolina
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Years active1998 - present
  • The Journey Principle’s Institute
  • Custom Home Exteriors
  • Stephen Scoggins Holdings
  • LLC

Stephen Wayne Scoggins (born 1976) better known as Stephen Scoggins is an American serial entrepreneur, leadership speaker, executive coach, life & business strategist, bestselling author, philanthropist, and keynote speaker. Scoggins is best known for his Transform U Frame, a flagship step-by-step method, quintessential to his teachings that guide people through removing barriers and amplifying various aspects of their lives, businesses, and careers.[1]

Scoggins is the founder of The Journey Principles Institute and Custom Home Exteriors. The Journey Principles Institute is a life & business consultancy platform that offers multiple programs, books, live events, and resources to succeed in life, and Custom Home Exteriors is a leading construction company operating for over two decades.

Scoggins has over two decades of experience in single handedly running multiple businesses, including coaching business, real estate company, and network marketing company which all produce 8-9 figures annually. He is a self-made millionaire with a networth of over $15 million who rose to fame after enduring homelessness and suffering from dyslexia and ADHD.

Scoggins has been featured in several media outlets including NY Wire, Forbes, Kivo Daily, Haute Living, Medium, Grit Daily, Future Sharks, Tech Times, Vents Magazine, Voice America, and others. [2]

Early life and education

Scoggins was born in 1976 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He grew up with a younger brother in a financially weak and unstable household. Scoggins was raised by his grandmother Barbra Oakley until 1985. When he was nine years old, Barbra was detected with cancer, which resulted in Scoggins learning the way of life at a young age. He learned how to do household chores and took care of his younger brother.

Later, Scoggins moved in with his father and started working part-time at a construction company. During his time with his father, Scoggins met Steve Myrick, his father’s employer, the man who inspired him to strive for success and set him on a new path of becoming a national business leader. [3]

In 1992, Scoggins dropped out of high school in order to support his family and regain financial stability as his father’s business failed and many of their personal belongings were repossessed.[4][5][6]


Scoggins began working at Waste Industry, a local trash company, when he was 17 years old, and within a year he had risen through the ranks to several senior positions. He eventually chose to leave this profession to pursue something that he was passionate about.[7] [8]

In 1996, Scoggins started working for his mentor Steve Myrick, and at a very young age became successful. Unfortunately, he spent all of his earnings faster than he earned and landed in significant debt, which resulted in him suffering from severe depression. A year later, Scoggins was evicted and lived on the street, barely making enough money to feed himself. During this time, Scoggins even tried to commit suicide but was saved by his high school girlfriend’s mother (Susan Batts) with one simple statement: This too shall pass and what comes next will be greater.[9]

In 1998, Scoggins founded Custom Home Exteriors, a New Construction Exterior Services Company. Since its inception, under the leadership of Scoggins, CHE has worked with several prolific building companies, becoming one of the leading remodeling firms in the country. Later, under the leadership of Scoggins, CHE expanded to become a multi million dollar commercial services firm known for its remodeling, CHE products and distribution.[10][11] [12]

In 2014, Scoggins established The Journey Principles Institute. As a transformational speaker, he decided to share his expertise with people in need and help them take control of their life and work towards attaining success. He has been partnered with numerous clients to give speeches for improving their performance, leadership abilities, and communication. He diligently works to help a vast range of clients from small and large business organizations, entrepreneurs, to churches, schools, and non-profit organizations have a greater ROI by incorporating his teaching. Scoggins is best known for his personal development coaching programs where he teaches individuals how to rejuvenate their mind, body, and business. Some of the courses offered by Scoggins are Transform U Online, Quickstart Guide to Life Planning, and QuickStart Guide to Self Awareness.[13]



  • The Journey Principles, released in 2014 [18][19]
  • 40 Day Walk of Faith, released in 2015
  • Connect the Dots, released in 2016)


  • The #1 Thing Holding You Back
  • Five Principles For a Personal Breakthrough
  • Seven Relationships You Need to Win at Life


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