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A sports agent is a legal representation (thus the term agent) for professional players and coaches who are involved in the sports industry. They are in charge of procuring and negotiating employment and endorsement contracts on behalf of the athlete or coach that they are working with. Because of the particular features of the sports business, sports agents are in charge of all interactions with club owners, managers, and other key stakeholders in the organisation. Aside from that, they have the responsibility of providing suggestions. In addition to identifying new sources of revenue, agents often assist their customers with public relations issues. Agents at certain major sports agencies, such as IMG, Creative Artists Agency, Roc Nation Sports, and Octagon, are responsible for all areas of a client's financial affairs, from investing to tax preparation and filing.

Sports agents may be depended upon by their clients for advice in all areas of the business, and in certain cases, even in more general matters. For example, hockey agents begin recruiting clients as early as 15 years old, enabling the agency to steer the athlete's career prior to the NHL draught, which occurs at the age of 18 years old on most occasions.