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Space Shibas NFT
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Space Shibas NFT is a blockchain-based Creative Commons (CC0) project on Ethereum that allows collectors to purchase, and sell Space Shibas. The project is created on a storyline where 10,000 Space Shibas have been lost in the universe and they need to be brought back on the earth. Space Shibas NFT is commonly credited with starting NFTs that are free of copyright, licensed under CC0, which allows holders to do anything they wish with their Shiba.[1]

Inspired by Rare Pepes, the Space Shibas project will operate as a community curated DAO for the purpose of architecting a brand new meme economy based on the most popular meme on the internet: Shibas. There will be original 10,000 Shibas. The crypto art blockchain project is an inspiration for the copyright-free standard for NFTs and the modern crypto art movement.


There are only 10,000 unique Space Shibas, all of which are rendered digitally scarcely with the use of blockchain technology. Shibas are generated algorithmically and can be minted as a non-fungible token (NFT). Aimed to build a large community that loves art and Shibas. The Space Shibas NFT team wants to build an ecosystem where people can create their own art and share it with the community as well.

Although there are several doge 2D pixel collections, none of them have a pioneer of meme community curated economies at the helm, especially one as prolific as Space Shibas NFT team has already taken meme NFTs to incomprehensible heights with Rare Pepes, they intend to do it again with the world’s most pervasive meme, the Shiba.


The ownership of Space Shiba is tracked via a smart contract on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. Each Space Shiba is represented as a non-fungible token on ETH. Each mint has the capability of beaming down a total of ten Space Shibas at the same time. Owners of Space Shibas NFTs may offer them for sale via an auction at a price determined in ETH.

Roadmap of Space Shibas NFT

31 October 2021: For each Space Shiba that is owned, free Shiba trading card NFTs, developed by, are made accessible to the owner. This will be considered as Series 1 of the Space Shiba community meme playing card game.

30 November 2021: Following the minting of all Space Shibas, they may be staked in order to accumulate $SPACEBONES at a rate of one $SPACEBONE each day for the following six years.

31 December 2021: The members will be asked to burn their $SPACEBONES tokens to have their original SpaceShips card accepted for the community playing card game.

And to top it all off, we will be having a “Best Minter Dog Show” with a surprise guest host. Bring your favorite Shiba to be judged, and you might just earn yourself a new, legendary virtual Shiba in the process. Initial governance will be exercised by the top 25 holders of Space Shibas, who will ensure that the collection is coherent and genuine in its curatorial approach. The official Space Shibas trading card game will continue to be developed by the community and the DAO.

Space Shibas are a CC0 (Creative Commons) initiative, which implies that the holder is allowed to do anything they want with their Shiba and that they are not protected by intellectual property rights.


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