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Space Renaissance International
FoundedJune 7, 2008; 13 years ago (2008-06-07)
FoundersAdriano V. Autino [1], Patrick Q. Collins [2], Alberto Cavallo, Sergio Lebid, Julio Gonzalez-Saenz
TypeNonprofit cultural association
Legal statusThe Space Renaissance International is a not for profit cultural Non Governmental Organization.
FocusSpace advocacy and Civilian Space Development
  • Fino Mornasco(CO), Lombardia, Italy
Area served
internationally active
Key people
Board of Directors: Adriano V. Autino (President, co-Founder), Manuel Perez [3] (Vice President), Patrick Collins (co-Founder), Alberto Cavallo (co-Founder), Walter Putnam [4](Director), Amalie Sinclair [5](Director), Sergio Lebid [6] (co-Founder), Julio Gonzalez-Saenz (co-Founder), Ryan J. Curtis [7] (Director), Kevin Myrick [8] (Director), Giulio Prisco (Director), Michael Clanton (Director), Stefano Ferretti [9](Director)

Space Renaissance International The Space Renaissance International (SRI), also known as Space Renaissance Initiative, is a global, volunteer-driven, cultural, space advocacy non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting the expansion and settlement of the Civilization into outer space. The scope of the association is promoting awareness to the general public, the media and the governments of Planet Earth, on the extreme urgency and benefits of starting human expansion into outer space, beginning with the geo-lunar space region industrialization, with a methodology of continuous global expansion, proceeding to Mars, the Asteroid Belt and beyond.


The Space Renaissance concept was born in June 2008, during a convention named "Colonizing the Moon and the Near Earth Asteroids for a New Renaissance", in Belgirate, on the Lago Maggiore, in Northern Italy. The Space Renaissance International, also known as Space Renaissance Initiative, was established in Italy, in August 2010, by Adriano V. Autino and four co-founders. SRI delivered an open letter to G20 in March 2009, proposing civilian space development as a solution to the global economic crisis. The Space Renaissance Phylosophical Manifesto [10] was co-written by a panel of 14 members on the web in 2009. Two world congresses were held: the first one in 2011[11], the 2nd in 2016[12] . The 3rd world congress is going to take place in 2021, end of June. Two national congresses were made by Space Renaissance Italia (the Italian chapter), one in 2014 at Polytechnic University of Milan, one in 2018, at INAF of Bologna. SRI participated to the UNOOSA Conference UNISPACE+50, in Wien, in June 2018, where the President A. V. Autino held a brief speech.

Space Renaissance International mission

Purpose, mission and goals

The main scope of SRI is lifting humanity - en masse - up from the cradle of Earth, to colonize the Solar system and then onward to the stars[13]. The founders of SRI took inspiration from the historical Renaissance period, and the exponential developments in art, sciences, medicine, etc., funded by a system of patronage, which encouraged both the desire and the capability to aim higher. The methodology includes analysis of the status of civilization, refreshed at least each 5 years, during the celebration of the SRI World Congress. The main understanding is that 8 billions terrestrial citizen cannot develop further without kicking off civilian space development, as soon as possible[14]. Expansion of civilization into outer space is late, and run the risk to never happen, should the human keep on growing within the limits of a philosophically closed world. The devastating multi-crisis could close the “launch window” forever. SRI develops a restless public outreach and political campaign, with the goal to make the large public audience aware of the urgency of the Civilian Space Development[15]. Namely, the association promotes an higher priority to the development of enabling technologies to allow civilians to travel, work and live in space, such as low cost fully reusable, safe and comfortable passengers space transportation vehicles, protection against cosmic radiations, artificial gravity, green environments in the space habitats. In such a frame, space tourism is considered a primary industrial segment, worth to be supported in its effort.[16]

Initiatives and programs

Major SRI initiatives include the Medici Programme [17], the Space Renaissance Academy [18], and the Civilian Space Protocol (CSP)[19]. The 3rd SRI World Congress[20] is scheduled for June 2021. SRI has active Chapters and Members all over the world. Space Renaissance USA, Inc. is an organization member of the Alliance for Space Development.[21] Several members of SRI participate to the International Astronautical Federation congresses, giving papers on topics like space industrialization[22][23], new space, space economy[24] and space philosophy[25]. The Space Renaissance Initiative was defined as a philosophical association, several of its members are also guested in web magazines and publications on the theme of space philosophy.[26] [27]


The association bases its public outreach, positions and campaigns on the congresses: the world congress, each 5 years, and the national congresses, made by the national chapters. During each congress the direction proposes its theses on the status of civilization and strategy to achieve the shared goals, and asks the participants to contribute their ideas, proposals and solutions. The participants present their papers and comments, contributing to the strategy for the next 5 years. The analysis covers the economic, sociological and environmental conditions, as well as the status of the space development, as a global social process. The association conducts a constant action on the United Nations and its Outer Space Office UNOOSA, promoting space development as a human right, to support the sustainable development of the civilization[28]. The association considers Space art as a language and a cultural asset not less important than Space science and Space (philosophy). Space music had a primary place since the beginning: the American composer Howard J. Buss dedicated a suite for flute solo to Space Renaissance[29]. The flutist Elena Cecconi dedicated a record, together with the pianist Tim Carey to Space Renaissance: "Dreaming of space"[30][31]




SRITAC 1 2014 – Primo Congresso Nazionale di Space Renaissance Italia[33][34][35][36][37][38][39][40][41]

Space Renaissance International main publications and acts

The SRI founding papers

“The Space Renaissance Manifesto” – August 29th 2009 “What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace” – Patrick Q. Collins and Adriano V. Autino – May 25th 2008

Some SRI Meaningful publications and public acts

"An open letter to UNISPACE+50" – June 15th 2018

"Open letter to the US President, Mr. Barack Obama" - February 10th 2010


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