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SounDrama Studio
Key people
Nika Garkalina (producer)
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SounDrama Studio is a team of like-minded people consisting of musicians, composers, choreographers, actors, and sound engineers. Each year, the Studio releases several performances, takes part in international projects, tours, composes music for films and art productions of other theatres, and organizes its own concerts. SounDrama is a mixture of genres, it blurs the boundaries between different types of art in order to create innovative, unusual projects. SounDrama is a team of people open to any experimentation in the field of art. [1]


SounDrama Studio has its roots in music. From it moves towards any other art genre. The founders of the studio are the musicians from the Pan-Quartet. SounDrama’s artistic leader is a musician, actor and director Vladimir Pankov. Their first performance “The Red Thread” was created and released in 2003 at the Center for Drama and Film making . That premiere is considered to be Studio’s official birth. Gradually more and more actors, musicians, choreographers joined the studio, which allowed it to lead an independent, full-fledged creative lifestyle. The name of the Studio came as a result of their work which is blending musical and drama, so is their genre.

“The most important thing in SounDrama is that it is a joint creative process without any canons, each participant makes his own “contribution”, fantasizes, improvises - all this grows into “finished” projects as a result. SounDrama is developing and the doors of the studio are open for actors, artists, musicians, directors and sound editors”- Vladimir Pankov about SounDrama studio.

Studio recorded music for more than 30 theatrical performances, more than 10 movies and TV shows. Since 2003, the Studio has been annually releasing theatrical performances (mainly staged by V. Pankov [2]) in collaboration with the Center for Dramaturgy and Filmmaking [3] [3], Театром.doc [4] , Theater of Nations [5] , Center named after Vs. Meyerhold [6] in Moscow; Theater "Ilkhom" [7], the National Academic Belarusian Theater named after J. Kupala [8] in the CIS, as well as theaters in France, Germany and Poland.

SounDrama’s Genre

The first performance of the “Red Thread” laid the foundations and principles of the studio, which are observed to this day. The combination of several genres in one led to the formation of a new unique genre - "SounDrama". This combination of so many different arts creates a sound act or dramatic Sound.

“There is drama, there is sound, sound drama, sound - soundrama. There is a code in this name that leads us through life. Everything is in it, so you can even fantasize about what it can be. It combines all the genres that were previously invented. Therefore, we can juggle them, combine opera, drama theater, ballet and psychological drama. Ballet is the same musical score - motion algorithm, ”- Vladimir Pankov on the soundtrack genre.

Theatrical Performances and Music scores

SounDrama Studio premiered more than 30 theatrical performances, created music of various genres for over 30 theater plays and recorded soundtracks for 8 full feature films. They also created soundtracks for a few TV shows.

Studio's members

Soundrama Studio originates from music: music is the starting point towards any other art form. The founders of the studio are the musicians of the Pan Quartet. Soundrama's artistic leader is a musician, actor and director Vladimir Pankov. Vladimir Pankov graduated from the acting department of Russian Institute of Theater Arts in 1999 (Oleg Kudryashov's workshop). Together with the studio’s musicians, he ventured out on folklore expeditions, collecting material for theater plays and musical compositions. Today, Soundrama is a team of people always ready for experiments in the field of art. Apart from theater, music and cinema that are key areas of interest, the Studio is also conducting master classes which are another integral part of the life of studio members. The team consists of young, beginning artists, choreographers, sound engineers,as well as seasoned artists from other existing creative teams who have gradually joined in. Soundrama is continuously on the search for like-minded people. Among the leading figures of the Soundrama are Sergei Rodyukov, Alexander Gusev, Andrei Zavodyuk, Pavel Akimkin, Alisa Estrin, Anastasia Sychev, Seseg Hapsasova and many others.

Producer of the Studio is Nika Garkalina.

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