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Snow Gaper
Online Shopping Guides
Founded2018; 4 years ago (2018)
FounderFrank V. Persall
HeadquartersWarren, Ohio, USA

Snow Gaper is a localist and communitarian US blog where various contributors share their expertise on ‘all things skiing & snowboarding'. It is authored and managed by Frank V. Persall, a keen skiing and snowboarding enthusiast based in Warren, Ohio, USA.[1]

Snow Gaper has become one of the leading sources for enthusiasts to gather information on insightful tips, tricks, and products for their snowy trips. The website is also a member of the The-Ski-Guru Associates Network, which is an authority skiing program that allows websites to officially provide skiing & snowboarding advice by promoting and referring to various affiliated skiing resorts.[2]


Snow Gaper was created with the aim to help skiing and snowboarding beginners learn more about the sport and get prepared for their adventurous journey to the mountains. Articles and researches cover a broad range of topics from general tips, guides to the best shops offering skiing and snowboarding gears and maintenance

Frank V. Persall, along with other contributing authors, covers an extensive array of topics and writes in a style that is understandable for those with little to no knowledge about these adventure sports to professional skiers and snowboarders.


Snow Gaper is a reader-friendly website that publishes regular articles on topics such as How To series, Advisory Snippets, Must Visit Locations, Cultural Influence, and more. This eclectic editorial mix, combined with high-end advertisements allows people to partake in a diverse range of adventures activities.

Snow Gaper's articles take a hyperlocal approach, featuring local ski and snowboard vendors. This extremely influential lifestyle blog plans to increase its investment in cultural capital in the near future, not only by fostering new relationships but also by attempting to draw viewers to the fresh new vibrant flavour of life that a variety of 'visit worthy mountain tops' have to offer.

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