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Developer(s)LSD GmbH & Co. KG
Initial releaseAugust 25, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-08-25)
Operating systemAndroid, iOS

Snoopstar is an application for mobile phones and tablets by the German company Snoopstar GmbH.[1] It uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create additional content for product marketing. Snoopstar was released in 2018.[2]


In 2016, the German company LSD GmbH & Co. KG managed by Klaus Finken and Chris Finken[3] wanted to find a new strategy of brand communication and, together with jointMedia Deutschland GmbH managed by Claudius Bertheau, developed snoopstar to present information and data around a product, using print as the connection between offline and online marketing. In 2019, the snoopstar GmbH under Bodo Schiefer was founded as LSD GmbH spin-off.[4] In 2019, LSD won the Regional Digital Champions Award for snoopstar.[5]


The application uses the camera of a device to scan products, packaging, advertisements, displays, postcards, magazines or any other printed material to access additional information and content, like background information, videos, images, shops etc.[6][7] It is designed for brand owners, manufacturers, promoters, educational institutions, museums and galleries, agencies, who can create their brand content with the tool snooperator.[8] The information is cloud-based and can thus constantly be updated,[1] while no technical knowledge is needed for using the tool.[9][10] Snoopstar works on Android and iOS.[11]


In 2019, snoopstar created a Christmas special with the brand Douglas, that connected the 50-euro note to brand content.[9][12] In Düsseldorf, the German bike website linked traffic signs to their online shop.[13] Before local elections in 2019 in Saxony, the German party CDU linked their election posters to videos of the candidates.[14]

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