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Smail Smajo Ferovic
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Smail Smajo Ferović (Serbian Cyrillic: Смаил Смајо Феровић; 1874–1929) was a Serbian merchant and Chetnik during the liberation wars of 1903 until 1918.[1][2]


Smail was born in 1874 to a Muslim family in Gusinje. He comes from the family "Omeragić" from Gusinje, but bears the surname of his uncles - Ferović. [3] His Serb ancestors were Orthodox Christians, who were Islamized with the arrival of the Turks. He belonged to the Muslim generation who enthusiastically advocated the liberation of their Plav, Montenegro|Plava region, and unification with the Kingdom of Serbia.

In 1913, he joined the Chetnik company of Voja Tankosić. It was a "Mining Detachment" under the command of Voivode|Duke Tankosić, which was formed on Banovo Brdo in Belgrade. [4]. During the war, Smajo distinguished himself with his heroism in several battles and gained the rank of sergeant. He was wounded in a clash with the enemy near Gornji Milanovac. Even before that year, Ferović helped the Serbian cause in Old Serbia|Southern Serbia. From 1909, he occasionally moved to Albania with Tankosić and Puniša Račić. And since 1912, he has been constantly preparing the ground with the Albanian leaders for the liberation of Southern Serbia. He was especially close to the famous leader of Arbanasi Isa Boletini|Isa Boljetinac. [5] . His brothers in Kosovska Mitrovica did a great service to statesman Nikola Pašić, guarding his belongings during the occupation. He crossed with Great Retreat (Serbian)|Serbian army through Albania, during its retreat. It is believed that Ferović's great merit is for the relatively peaceful crossing of the Albanian mountains, with the non-resistance of the Albanian authorities. His name is also associated with the Thessaloniki Process from 1917, when a court showdown with the conspiratorial Black Hand took place. For his great merits, Smajo was awarded several orders, including Order of Karađorđe's Star|Karadjordje star, as well as a gold and silver medal for bravery. The National Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes recognized his status as a "national worker".

During the new Yugoslav kingdom, Ferović lived in Skopje. He was known as a "renter and rich merchant", who was engaged in exports. According to his political beliefs, he was a radical, and he always acted against İslam Muhafaza-i Hukuk Cemiyeti (Islamic Association for the Defense of Justice-Society for the Preservation of Muslim Rights) or what was popularly called Džemijet. Ferović was a member of the "Petar Mrkonjić Chetniks|Chetnik Association" in Skopje[6][7].

Smail Smajo Ferović was assassinated in June 1929 in Skopje, where he was buried.


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