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Sky Burg Records
Founded2013; 11 years ago (2013) in Miami, Florida
FounderHerlens Suffrin
Miami, Florida
ServicesMusic record label

Sky Burg Records, is an American record label company founded by Herlens Suffrin, better known by his stage name, Freezzy Brickz. The label's current acts include Nova Loosecanon and Whosane, it primarily serves American audiences.[1] Since inception, Sky Burg Records became associated with hip hop style, serving as the home of a variety of influential acts.

The company is a full-service music management company and is headquartered at Miami, Florida. Sky Burg Records was started by Herlens Suffrin, while pursuing Associates of Arts in Music Technology from Broward College in 2013.[2]


Sky Burg Records was founded by Herlens Suffrin in March 2013. Herlens graduated with a degree in Music Technology and Broadcasting, while attending school he met a music producer named Whosane. They teamed up and started booking studio time in Miami to work hands-on with indie artists. This helped Herlens Suffrin to perfect several talents.

During one pivotal studio session, Herlens Suffrin connected with an artist that was seeking management. He went to his lawyer to get all the necessary paperwork completed to function as a Talent Manager as well as the founder of his current label, Sky Burg Records. During the start of the label, solo artists Bad Azz Boon and Cerebru were the first signees.

Sky Burg Records currently has a highly talented signee that goes by the name of Nova Loose x`canon. Freezzy also signed a music producer to the independent label. Freezzy has been often quoted passionate and expert by the media outlets for finding news talent and organically grow their fan base

Sky Burg Records Joined youtube on 23 March 2013. Since then Sky Burg Records created several masterpiece.[3][4]

List of artist

Nova Loosecanon (Born on April 20, 2000 also known as Henson H. Pierre) started at age of 13 Nova recorded numerous singles like Money Freestyle, DvG, Moon Rock, and more. In 2019, Nova signed his first label with Sky Burg Records.


Whosane (Born on April 24, 1989 also known as Jose Innocent) started creating hit music in early 2002. In 2014 He joined Sky Burg Records as editor and producer. Whosane graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Media Production from American Intercontinental University.


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