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GenreAction TV-Series
Created by
  • Derrick Sherwin
  • Charles de Jaeger
Directed byAnthony Squire
  • Stephen R. Hudis
  • Margo Alexis
  • Robert Coleby
  • Frederick Jaeger
  • Patricia Haines
Theme music composerAnthony Isaac
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Executive producer(s)
  • Derrick Sherwin
  • Charles de Jaeger
  • Derrick Sherwin
  • Lew Grade
Camera setupMulti-Camera
Running time23 minutes
Production company(s)ITC Entertainment
DistributorITC Entertainment
Original networkITV

Skiboy is an English action TV-Series produced and created by Derrick Sherwin and Charles de Jaeger. The series ran for 13 episodes from 13 May 1974 to 5 august 1974 on ITV before being cancelled. [1] The whole show was filmed at the mountainous location of Saint-Luc in Switzerland, where the plots for the episodes mostly concern around dramatic events in the mountains.[2]


During the 1960s and 70s, ITC Entertainment was responsible for producing ITV's numerous TV Series with plots concerning fantasy, science-fiction, and especially action. In the beginning of 1971, Derrick Sherwin, with the help of Dennis Spooner, developped an idea based on action and ski, as skiing was starting to become an extremely popular sport at this time.[3] As for finding a location to film, Charles de Jaeger proposed to Sherwin that the ideal place would be at the lavish location of Saint-Luc in Switzerland. [4] After having filmed the series successfully at the mountainous region in the winter of 1973-74, the pilot episode, Mountain Witch was released on 13 May 1974. [5]


Bobbie noel

Played by Stephen R. Hudis. Bobbie is the youngest son of the Noel family that resides in the mountains. His parents are owner of a hotel in his alpine hometown, and his brother, Jean, is part of the mountain rescue team. He is mostly followed by his girl friend, Sadie (played by Margo Alexis), that also enjoys skiing, and his faithful dog, Gruff. In the series, he is regarded as been the main character, which he is called Skiboy, and comes to the rescue on dangerous situations with his amazing skiing skills. His dream is to become an olympic skier, thereby, using Saint-Luc as practice, with the help of Jean.[6]

Sadie McStay

Played by Margo Alexis. Sadie is Bobbie's girlfriend that resides with his parents and friends at Saint-Luc. In the episodes, she is mostly seen skiing with him on the slopes.

Jean noel

Played by Robert Coleby. Jean is Bobbie's older brother and is part of the mountain rescue team of Saint-Luc and is sometimes on duty at the hotel restaurant. When Bobbie is faced into hard situations, Jean is normally there to help Bobbie by bringing him tools, or even helping the pursuit of some bandits on the slopes.

Jacques Noel

Played by Frederick Jaeger. Jacques is Bobbie's uncle, and owner of the hotel. He is not seen on many episodes, but when seen, is helping Bobbie. In the episode Buried Menace, he relays by radio, instructions on how to de-fuse a recently discovered bomb to Bobbie from an arms expert.

Jane Noel

Played by Patricia Haines. Jane is wife of the hotel owner, Jacques, and mostly helps prepare meals for the inhabitants of the building. She also approves a hatred relationship between Bobbie's dog, Gruff. [7]



The plotlines around Skiboy usually consist of dramatic events in his alpine home town, whether it is in the village, or on the slopes. Sometimes, bandits trying to seek hidden treasures in the mountains are captured by Bobbie, or mysterious things happen in the village and on the mountain faces. As always, Skiboy is here to the rescue.

Season one summary

Episode Number Title Directed by Original Air Date Summary of the Episode
01 Mountain Witch Anthony Squire 13 May 1974 Bobbie Noel and Sadie McStay live in the mountainous region of Saint-Luc in his uncle's hotel. Life in this location has permitted them to become excellent skiiers. One day, though, an old lady with a sick little boy is discovered by the two young people. The woman tells them she had just been rejected from Bobbie's hotel by Bruno the concierge, claiming she is an evil witch. Bobbie starts to learn the origins of the lady, called the Mountain Witch by villagers.
02 Cry Wolf Anthony Squire 20 May 1974 While skiing on the slopes of Saint-Luc, Sadie makes a terrible fall and is badly injured. Bobbie rushes to get help, but when he comes back to reassure her, Sadie is gone. Bobbie has to figure out what happened to her.
03 Cold Shoulder Anthony Squire 27 May 1974 Romance is on the ski runs of Bobbie's village when two tourists meet. But the relationship between them becomes snowbound when they are stuck in the mountains. Bobbie is here to help them.
04 Family Feud Anthony Squire 3 June 1974 Jacques is having problems with two villagers, who have had a prolonged quarrel on an incident that has happened many years ago. Sabotage is one of the claimed accusations. To solve the problem, they decide to enter a ski competition, forgetting that their youths have dissapeared...
05 Buried Menace Anthony Squire 10 June 1974 Bobbie and Sadie witness a filmmaker fall into a snowpit, where a bomb falls on him. The village is alerted, and uncle Jacques enters communication with an arms expert from Italy. Bobbie enters the hole with some tools Jean gave him while a journalist arrives on the scene. Throughout radio instructions from the arms expert to Jacques to Bobbie, he finally gets to the bottom of the affair, when Jean gives him the camera tape of the journalist to block the gears of the bomb. The filmmaker is pulled out of the hole unharmed.
06 Vanishing Trick Anthony Squire 17 June 1974 Bobbie tries to rescue Sadie, who has been kidnapped by some unwanted bandits on the slopes of Saint-Luc.
07 Danger Trail Anthony Squire 24 June 1974 On a snowy day in the slopes, Bobbie and Sadie start to get stuck in an enormous snowstorm. They finally stop and try to await the storm to be finished. But while taking refuge, they hear a mysterious voice from behind that makes them want to push their investigations farther. This proves to be not a so good idea after all.
08 Hot Ice Anthony Squire 1 July 1974 Jean and Jane are approached by two men that are demanding help to climb up Mount Weisshorn (called "Monk's Fall" in the episode) with the help of a guide. Jane tells them its impossible, while Jean refuses unless they would agree to climb it in summer. The two men are very helpless to get a guide, until they see Bobbie, on the slopes. From a cafe, they observe Bobbie skiing all afternoon and decide he would be of very good guidance on the journey. The bandits dognap Gruff, Bobbie's dog, and blackmails him to help them climb Monk's Fall if he ever wants to see Gruff again. Bobbie finally ends up climbing Monk's Fall with the two men until they arrive at a monastery, where they finally find their hidden treasure. Bobbie escapes, leaving them stranded on the mountain, which, one of the two men refuses and tries to take catch of Bobbie. A helicopter chase is engaged, and the bandits are finally captured. As for Bobbie's dog, he has found his way out quickly.
09 Killer Dog Anthony Squire 8 July 1974 Gruff is convicted of having killed six sheep in Saint-Luc. His family keeps denying it's not him, but the dog is forced out of Saint-Luc on a car, driven by Bobbie. But finally, they discover the real truth, and are on the chase to catch the real theft.
10 Unwelcome Guest Anthony Squire 15 July 1974 Two villagers are accusing each other of being the theft of an old stolen item. Bobbie tries to solve the problem, and see who of the two is right.
11 Death Mountain Anthony Squire 22 July 1974 A famous female climber, Francoise Debra, just has accepted to climb Saint-Luc's highest peak by one of her friends, Phillip. But this decision worries her valet, Henri, who pleas her not to go. The valet forces himself to ask Jean Noel to help him persuade the climber not to climb the mountain. After a long discussion, the climber forgets her idea. But, sadly, it comes back to her mind and is decided to start climbing. As announced, the climb is very dangerous, and Bobbie comes in to help her, saving her from a free fall. In the end she finally renounces the project.
12 Treasure Trove Anthony Squire 29 July 1974 While playing a friendly game in the snow, Bobbie tumbles over a pack of gold coins, which someone quickly comes to claim them. The stranger, Mathieu, also a hotel employee, claims it belongs to his dead father. But, Jacques, highly suspicious of the situation, proposes to donate it to church instead. This decision turns out into a big argument between the stranger and Jacques.
13 Breaking Point (also known as Friday's Child) Anthony Squire 5 August 1974 Bobbie is uncomfortable watching her aunt play and talk to a newcomer. His family teases him, saying he is merely jealous, which proves to be true. But later, he discovers that the newcomer is Sadie's father, which is believed dead. Then he discovers another hardbreaking truth, one that says that Sadie's mother is using her husband to tempt the girl out of Bobbie's family.

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