Sithlord Chamba

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Sithlord Chamba
Sithlord Chamba.JPG
Born (1992-04-11) April 11, 1992 (age 30)
Other namesSithlord Chamba
CitizenshipUnited States
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)

Sithlord Chamba (born 11 April 1992) is a Miami-based Salvadorean recording artist, rapper, and songwriter. He is well known for his hits Breezy,[1] Paper Tags, and Went Federal[2] and is considered one of the most prominent up-and-coming hip-hop artists.[3]

Sithlord Chamba rose to fame as an independent artist owing to his heartfelt lyrics that depict his childhood and hardships as a musician. His distinctive compositions and works have also been featured and covered by various media publications, including Thisis50,[4] About Insider,[5] Ventz Magazine, Verna Magazine,[6] and others.[7]


Sithlord Chamba was born on 11 April 1992. He grew up in a poor neighborhood in Korea town, Los Angeles, and eventually found his passion for music, leveraging it as an escape and a way out from that life. He later acquired a degree in Accounting and Business.[8]

Prior to releasing his debut song, Paper Tags, in 2021, Sithlord Chama wrote songs for many prominent artists and even performed covers locally. With his breakthrough song "Paper Tags,"[9] produced by fellow Miami local SZN, he became instantly successful and since then, Sithlord Chamba has produced four more singles, all of which have gained him prominence in the music industry.


S.No. Title Year Type
1 Paper Tags 2021 Single
2 24 Rings[10] 2021 Single
3 Real Life Winner[11] 2022 Single
4 Went Federal 2022 Single
5 Breezy[12] 2022 Single

Personal life

Sithload Chamba has an exotic car and watch collection.


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