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Simon L. Dolan
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Simon L. Dolan
Born20 October 1947
Ness Ziona, Israel
EducationUniversity of Minnesota
Known forOrganizational psychology and Human resource management

Simon L. Dolan (born October 20, 1947 in Ness Ziona, Israel) is a professor and a researcher at the Advantere School of Management, which is part of Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid, Spain and Georgetown University in Washington D.C..[1] He served as a professor at McGill University[2] and University of Montreal in Canada, and as a full professor at University Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain [3] in the field of organizational psychology and human resource management. [4] He wrote about 80 books, which were translated into 10 languages, and over 170 articles in his field of expertise. [5]

He also serves as the chairman of the Global Future of Work Foundation (GFWF). [6][7]


Simon Landau Dolan born to holocaust survivors parents. His father David of Polish origin [8] worked as a medical doctor in the Negev Kibbutzim, and his mother Lola, was a beautician. He grew up in Beit Eshel, and later in Ness Ziona. [8] He served in the IDF as a combat paramedic in the Armored Corps. [9] Simon's younger brother, Avishai Landau, followed his footsteps, graduated with a master's degree in the department of labor studies at Tel Aviv University. [10]


In 1968, upon completion of his military service, Dolan studied for an undergraduate degree at Tel Aviv University and graduated in 1971. [11]

Between the years 1971-1973, he continued his graduate studies in the department of Labor studies, with a specialization in human resource management. At the same time studied for a master's degree in organizational behavior at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration. [11]

While studying for an accredited degree, he moved to the University of Minnesota, in the United States and continued his studies in the doctoral program. He was at the University of Minnesota between 1973-1977, and graduated with a master degree in 1976 and a doctorate in 1977 in the fields of organizational psychology and human resource management. [12]

Academic research

During his studies in Minnesota , he was involved in research at the Mayo Clinic. [13] [14] There, he discovered that almost 90% of the patients who survived their first heart attack and had no prior history of coronary heart disease, attributed the heart attack to their work situation and especially to work stress. [15]

Managing by values

At the same time, he developed the management model acronymed "Managing by values", which deals with shaping organizational culture through the identification of the most important shared values of the organization. [16] [17] The model identifies three axes of values: Ethical axis of values, economic axis of values and emotional-developmental axis of values in a triaxial structure ("the Dolan 3-Es Triaxial Model of Values"). [18]

In this model, the value of trust was identified as the "value of values" (mega-value) which is a central axis for maintaining balanced and sustainable healthy organization.[19] Similarly, it applies to sustain effective leadership. Any incongruencies in a person’s triaxial model of values results in chronic stress was identified and also is dysfunctional to maintain a work-family balance. [20]

Stress and burnout management

At the same time, he developed the "Chronic Stress Management" model, which eventually led to the development of a diagnostic tool acronym: The Stress Map.[21] The latter deals with mapping of the sources of stress (in work and non-work contexts), the modulating variables, consequences in terms of signs (physiological and biological) and symptoms (psychological and somatic) measured by a new algorithm called density (frequency multiplied by severity). [22]This diagnostic tool is based on principles of gamification, enabling individuals, families, teams, and organizations to develop corresponding strategies of resilience. [23][24]

As a professor

He served as a professor at McGill University and University of Montreal in Canada, between 1978-2002. Taught and was a guest lecturer during sabbatical years at the following universities: Boston University, University of Colorado Boulder in the United States, ESSEC Business School in Paris (France), University of Cádiz and Pablo de Olavide University in Seville (Spain) and Tel Aviv University, (Israel). [25]

Between 2001-2020, he served as a full professor at ESADE Business School [26] (University Ramon Llull), in the fields of work psychology and human resource management. [11] He also served as the head of the Institute for Labor Studies, and later, as the "future of work" chair at the same institution. [11]

In 2022 he was appointed full professor and senior researcher at the Adventere School of Management, which is part of three Jesuits universities: Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid, Spain), University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), and Georgetown University (Washington D.C – U.S.A.). [27]

Public activity

He served as an evaluator in the "Committee for Research Funding for the Government of Quebec - Society and Culture" (FCAR), in the "Research Funding for Health and Safety of the Government of Prime Minister of Belgium office", in the Health and Welfare Canada committee and in the Hong Kong Research Committee [11] .

He also assisted the IAS (in France) and the Israel Science Foundation. In Spain he served as an assessor in the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain. He also advised on the development of the research policy program, at the Ministry of Health in the United Kingdom, was a member of the evaluation committee of the Social Research Fund in Quebec belonging to the Ministry of Education of the Government of Quebec. [28] [29], and was also a member of the Quebec Research Institute on Health and Safety at Work (IRSST). In addition, he was also a member of the Social and Human Research Council of Canada [30]

In the 1980s, together with Professor Dov Elitzur and a few other international scholars, he founded the International Society for the Study of Work and Organizational Values (ISSWOV). The purpose of the association was to have scientists from Eastern Europe (the former communist bloc) to meet with their colleagues from the West and share research on values. [31]

Business consulting

In 1978 he founded in Montreal an international consulting corporation in the field of value-based human resource management based on values, called Gestión MDS Management Inc or MDS Management Inc, which is dedicated to the training and education of French-speaking West African managers; helping them to become more efficient and effective while at the same time reducing corrupt behavior. [32] [33] The company expanded in scope and territories and nowadays has offices in Montreal (Canada) and Rabat (Morocco) and works closely with the World Bank and other African financial institutions. [34]

In 2017 he co-founded the e-Merit Academy (along with Prof. Mario Raich from Zurich). The academy dedicates to the development of managers in the era of globalization, digital and cyber-age. [35]

Since 2018, his main consulting activity has shifted from Gestion MDS Management Inc (Montreal) to the Global Future of Work Foundation (GFWF), where he holds the position of president. [36] [37]

Serves as the president of the "Center for Management and Training by Values" in Israel, which is a satellite office of his Canadian consulting company Gestion MDS Inc. [38]

Prof. Dolan also serves as the academic director of the Israeli Center for Management and Training by Values, and in this context, he was involved in the publication of a number of non-fiction books and management models in Israel as well as volunteer activities for the Arab society and the Ethiopian community in Israel. Prof. Dolan also accompanies the Israeli Center for Values in its activities through the Education of various IDF units. [39]

Since about 2010 he serves as the honorary president of ZINQUO, a company dedicated to promoting, training and certifying coaches in values and in resilience. The company is active in the Spanish speaking hemisphere (Spain and Latin America) and has satellite activities in many of these countries. It serves as the main outlet to train people in the use of the Values of Values game card, and in the use of the stress map, It also offers several apps that complement these tools and methodologies. Coaches certified by ZINQUO are also accredited by the ICF (International Federation of Coaching). [40]


Published over 80 books, many of which were translated into several languages. [41] [42] [43] [44]

In addition, he has published more than 170 articles in scientific journals as well as chapters in books. He was a member of the editorial board of several elite scientific journals. Was the editor-in-chief of Emerald's Cross Cultural & Strategic Management - An International Journal, for 7 years.[45]


Dolan is a father of two. He is currently married to Adela Maldonado (from Barcelona -Spain).[46]

Awards and recognition

  • Received an accreditation for continuing quality research over 24 years (called sexeno), on behalf of the Spanish Government, Last sexeno in 2015 [47][48]
  • In the 2020 edition of Expo coaching, he was nominated for the best book award in coaching, for his book "Coaching por Valores". [49][50]
  • Was in the list of finalists for the recognition award for research at the frontiers of science on behalf of BBVA - Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, the digital bank of the 21st century, (2019).[51]


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