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Silent Knight
Silent Knight Headbangers Open Air 2017 02
Background information
OriginPerth, Western Australia
GenresHeavy metal, power metal
Years active2009–present
MembersStu McGill - guitars, vocals; Cam Nicholas - guitars (lead); Cameron Daw - bass; Dan Grainger - drums
Past membersZoran Cunjak, Paul Wrigley, Jesse Onur Oz

Silent Knight is an Australian heavy metal band from Perth, Australia. Dubbed by journalists as “the Australian Kings of Power Metal,”[1] “Australia’s leading power metal band,”[2] and “one of the most formidable melodic metal bands in the Country,”[3] they have “long been Perth’s big players on the Power Metal scene, armed with songs to take on the world.”[4] Silent Knight has released two studio albums and two EPs,[5] and regularly performs throughout Australia in a headlining capacity as well as opening for high-profile international touring acts, while also making select appearances at major festivals in Europe and Asia.


Silent Knight was formed by guitarists Stu McGill and Cameron Nicholas in late 2009.[6] The band has strong power metal roots and is influenced heavily by melodic European bands and the aggressive speed of American bands like Iced Earth and Megadeth. Initially, McGill and Nicholas were joined by Zoran Cunjak (vocals), Cameron Daw (bass) and Paul Wrigley (drums).

In February 2013, Silent Knight released their debut album, Masterplan, to strong reviews worldwide, with Metal Temple proclaiming Silent Knight to be “one of the best bands of 2013.”[7] An Australian tour followed, as well as shows supporting legendary former Iron Maiden vocalists Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bayley and Finnish folk metal masters Korpiklaani.[8]

2014 saw the departure of Cunjak and Wrigley, who were replaced by Turkish born vocal powerhouse Jesse Onur Oz and well-known Australian drummer Dan Grainger, respectively. Silent Knight released a new EP entitled Power Metal Supreme in October 2014. The EP featured one new original composition, “Prisoner of Your World,” live versions of four tracks from the Masterplan album performed by the new lineup, and “Keeper of the Seven Keys,”.[9]

Silent Knight’s momentum continued to build in 2015. In response to growing international demand, the band performed abroad for the first time that year in front of thousands of people in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Hammersonic Festival, which is the biggest metal and rock festival in Southeast Asia.[10] Shortly thereafter, Silent Knight landed a gig performing with well-known Megadeth bassist David Ellefson.[11] The band returned to the studio and, in October 2015, released their second full-length album, Conquer & Command.[12] Once again, the reviews from the heavy metal press were highly favorable, with one journalist deeming the album “[u]nmissable for fans of Power Metal worldwide.”[13] Original drummer Paul Wrigley returned to the band for the ensuing tour, which included dates throughout Australia; an appearance at the Daimonous Open Air Festival in Bali, Indonesia;[14] and opening slots for Helloween[15] and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society.[16]

In January 2017, Silent Knight released their second EP. Entitled The Angel Reborn, the EP featured a re-recording of “When the Fallen Angel Flies” from the Masterplan album, live versions of four favorites off Conquer & Command, “The Raven’s Return,” and Megadeth favorite “Holy Wars … The Punishment Due,” which was again selected by the fans in an online poll.[17] This limited-edition release was completely sold out prior to its official release date.

Also in 2017, Silent Knight acceded to longstanding clamor from their fan base and re-recorded the entire Masterplan album under the moniker The Masterplan, featuring the current lineup, revamped artwork, and significantly improved production. The end result was well-received, with one journalist calling the re-recording “exponentially more powerful” than the original and “strongly recommended for all fans of Power Metal.”[18] Dan Grainger returned to the band on drums in time for the ensuing live activities, which included a show with international power metal sensations DragonForce,[19] a successful tour of Germany including an appearance at the 20th anniversary of the prestigious Headbangers Open Air Festival where Silent Knight “took the stage by force,”[20] and yet another Australian tour. By this time, reviewers were describing Silent Knight as “power metal behemoths” who are “unbeatable in their field.”[21]

As of November 2019, Silent Knight are well into the writing process for full-length album #3. The band’s first new studio output in two years was a cover version of Gamma Ray’s “Dethrone Tyranny” released in June 2019 as a digital single, and on a Gamma Ray tribute cassette via Burning Sun Records in Hungary.[22] Several live performances followed, including another support slot with Finish folk heroes Korpiklaani.[23] Late 2019 finds Silent Knight performing at multiple international festivals, including a headlining appearance at the November Rain Festival in Semarang, in the Central Java province in Indonesia, as well as a slot at the Southern Gathering Festival in Melbourne, Australia, alongside Turilli / Lione Rhapsody, among others. They will also be playing a show in support of former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss.


  • Masterplan – February 2013
  • Power Metal Supreme EP – October 2014
  • Conquer & Command – October 2015
  • The Angel Reborn EP – January 2017
  • The Masterplan - July 2017 (re-recording of Masterplan album)
  • ″Dethrone Tyranny″ single - June 2019

Band Members

  • Stu McGill - guitars, vocals
  • Cam Nicholas - guitars (lead)
  • Cameron Daw - bass
  • Dan Grainger - drums

Silent Knight (band) songs and videos


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