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Shueh Jen-Fang
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Shueh Jen-Fang, most popularly known for her Tokyo based couture label and fashion moniker, Jenny Fax[1], is a fashion designer best noted for her subversive and cutting edge styles with a satirical feminine perspective.[2]

Born and raised in Taiwan much of her work is influenced by her culture and childhood as well as her relationship to nostalgia and girlhood.

Early Life

Shueh Jen-Fang was raised with one brother and two sisters. She recollects that her most transformative experiences would be going to boarding school at age twelve, and studying abroad later at age nineteen. She cites her interest in fashion developing at an early age, stemming from the desire to have more clothes. She would teach herself to sew out of necessity and would create her first dress in high school. Her creative influences from her early life would include Japanese manga, school uniforms , and her culture. When asked about how Taiwanese culture has personally influenced her art and shaped her upbringing, Sheuh Jen-Fang shares "Taiwanese culture, such as old Taiwanese films influenced me the most. The tone is always a bit dark, a bit sad and very delicate. On the other hand, the country is very hot and humid, so everyone loves the color. It is a very twisted feeling in a good way, sad and negative but colorful."[3]


Shueh Jen-Fang has studied apparel techniques for three years at a fashion school in Taiwan. She would then move to France to study pattern making at L'École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD). Shortly after she would pursue studying at Belgium's L’École de la Cambre (La Cambre).

Jenny Fax (Career)

Shueh Jen-Fang would launch Jenny Fax in 2010. She chose the name because of it's nod to digital communication, noting that receiving a fax makes someone feel special. Also citing that she liked the sound River Phoenix had to his name, and wanted a strong name like that. She would accumilate more global attention in 2013-2014 when known stylist Lotta Volkova would take interest in collaborating[4]. Jenny Fax would then create her instagram page, @jennyfax.official[5], creating a space where the world could meet her designs. Jenny Fax would work with many artists and designers, most notably her husband Mikio Sakabe[6]. They would create their own space to showcase and sell their collaborative works which would also feature collaborations with Lolita Fashion brand Angelic Pretty[7]. Jenny Fax is also popularly known for her work with the illustrator Macoto Takahashi.

Jenny Fax is also best remembered for her Autumn Winter 2019 show. Her work would showcase all the motifs her brand is known for, things that balance the bitter and the sweet. "When I was making the collection, it always became too cute, so I needed to balance it with something destroyable. Because this twisty moody feeling is more like my memories."[8]


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