Shreya Smruti Mohanty

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Shreya Smruti Mohanty
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Born (2003-03-29) March 29, 2003 (age 20)
OccupationChess player
  • Tushar Ranjan (father)

Shreya Smruti Mohanty (born 29 March 2003) is an Indian chess player, who holds the FIDE titles of Women Candidate Master (WCM). She is also an aspiring model and anchor.

Early years

Born in Bhubaneswar Shreya was introduced to the game by her father, Tushar Ranjan, at the age of 3. Her parents provided her with professional training. She achieved her national position when she was seven and she represented Odisha. She was coached by her dad. As a child, Shreya Smruti Mohanty won multiple events. Her career successes are under-11 in 3rd National School champion,[1] and bronze medalist at the 2014 Asian Chess Championship

Career and Result

1st Imt all india fide rating chess tournament-2014 : best under 11 girls M/S bhola infratech pvt lmt, 2nd all india rating school chess championship-2012: U-9 girl runners up Kalinga Seashore All india fide rating below 2000 chess tournament 2011: best under 9 girl 7th Bhubaneswar all india fide open rating championship 2016: 26th position 1st Bhubaneswar all india open fide rating chess championship-2013: rating category prize winner (2nd) 1st puri all india open fide rating chess championship 2012: 2nd position under 9 girl 1st Bhubaneswar all india opeb fide rating chess championship-2013: best under 11 girl 1st SR all india fide rating chess tournament-2014: best under 11 girl 3rd national school individual  chess championship-2014: gold medal Commonwealth chess championship- 2015: 9th position Commonwealth chess championship 2019: 14th position 10th Asian school chess championship: bronze medal 1st HDCA international fide rated school open chess championship: gold medal in U-10 category 4th odisha international grandmaster open chess tournament-2012: silver medal in U-10 category M/S bhola infratech pvt ltd, 3rd all india fide rating school chess championship-2013: U-10 girls gold medal Shanti Asiatic school XXVI under 9 chess championship-2012: 14th position 1st bhola infratech all india rating school chess championship-2011: silver medal in U-8 girls All odisha S.R school chess championship-2014: U-11 girls silver medal SS international 5th national school chess championship-2016: 9th position 5th Bhubaneswar All india fide open rating chess championship for women-2015: 30th position in main category 4th Bhubaneswar all india open fide rating chess championship-2015: U-13 bronze medal 14th national team chess championship for women-2016: team got 5th prize

Personal life

Shreya completed her schooling at KIIT International School in Bhubaneswar. She did several events and modeling with Yash Models. [2]


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