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Fakirji Maharaj Temple
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Shree Fakirji Maharaj Temple (Marathi: श्री फकिरजी महाराज संस्थान) is situated in Dhanaj-Manikwada gaon (धनज-माणिकवाडा ) taluka Ner(Persopant) and district Yavatmal .It is one of the famous Temples in Yavatmal district. The temple is popular in Maharashtra and is piligrimag place for both Hindu as well as Muslim people. He was sant lived 250-300 years back. Temple culture reflects the varkari sampraday. Devotees visit this place on Kartik Yatra[1] and Ashadi Yatra.[2] Kanya-bhakar(कण्या-भाकर) is the mahaprasad in yatra.

This place is known for the divine soul of Fakirji Maharaj who served and helped the people at his time but interesting fact is that there is no picture or photo of fakirji maharaj any where and no one knows when was he arrived but still everyone prays him with total real devotion.


No one knows that Fakirji Maharaj belongs to which religion. His origins are unknown. Date of birth including his birthplace remains unknown. He was found naked in the forest near Shivalinga to cowboy and he was about eight to ten years old . In the beginning, the boy started to become friendly with the cowboy. After some time Shri Mahadji, a resident of Dhanaj village brought the boy to the village .A meeting was held in the village where to keep this boy. But the boy left the meeting and went straight to Fakir's house and never returned to the meeting again. People used to call him Fakira because he used to stay in Fakir's house and became known as Fakira.The name of the fakir was Sikandar. Routine of Fakira was used to go with cowboy in the jungle and eat alongwith them.Later, Fakira began to work for the herd with the cowboy. Like other herdsmen, his routine began.

Grand Existance

People used to bring food at Sikandar's house for Fakira. Whatever it was, Fakira consumed it. One day, Sikandar's wife sent a meat meal in the Shidori. All the cattle gathered as usual at the Pindi (shivling) on the Wayan river. When Cowboy urged Fakira to eat the meat meal, then meat meal became flowers. And the news about this incident spread to both gaon(Dhanaj-Manikwada). After this incident,Fakira became the Shree Fakirji Maharaja. Liikewise there were many supernatural stories. Descriptions of all these supernatural things are found in his character books. Even today, Fakirji's divine existence is feel here because of the energy, love and attitude of devotees.


One night, Fakirji was telling the devotees about the self-realisation. The congregation around them listened concentratedly to the words falling from the Maharaj's mouth. The darkness of that night was suddenly increasing. The wind was blowing like that there would be something wrong. The dogs barking at night became stagnant.At the same time, there was shock in Fakirji's heart. Mahadji was invited to the devotees. All the devotees tried to save Maharaj. Fakirji's consciousness was awakened. Shree Fakirji Maharaj began to preach to the people. Fakirji's heart was pounding again. The devotees were shocked and sorrowed when he breathed his last.After that, the fame of Maharaj increased. People from around the area started to visit the Samadhi every Thursday. After which it became a place of worship known today as Shree Fakirji Maharaj Samadhi Mandir' or Shree Fakirji Maharaj Temple.


On the bank of the Vayan river, there is a grand divine mausoleum temple of Shri Fakirji Maharaj. After absorbed in soil, his mausoleum temple was built at this place. History tells the supernatural work of the Maharaja. Here Hindu-Muslim religious devotees comes to visit adorable deity. There is also a small temple of Vitthal Rukmini, Sant Tukaram Maharaj statue and other deities . In the near future, the Samadhi temple has been restored.

Daily worship, abhisheka , bhajan and the arti of Shree Fakirji Maharaj are worth attending. Distribution of Shira Prasad every Thursday is in the temple.[3] The lighting of the temple during the Yatra festival is marvelous. During Karthik Yatra mahaprasad (Kanya-bhakar(कण्या-भाकर)) is cooked on 100 chulis.[1] Various activities like music concerts, Medical Check-up, and Career guidance to Young generation are organized by the trust.[4] [5] [6]

Temple Trust

Shri Fakirji Maharaj Sansthan Trust carries out philanthropic work from the donations received.Trust is associated with different social activities.

Various festivals are celebrated by Shree Fakirji Maharaj Sansthan Trust, Dhanaj-Manikwada.

  1. Kartik Yatra[1]
  2. saath Festival[7]
  3. Dnyaneshwar-Sanjeevan-Ceremony


By Bus

  1. Yavatmal to Ner(Persopant)-31KM
  2. Ner(Persopant) to Dhanaj-Manikwada-9KM

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Badnera Junction railway station (39KM).


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