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Shashwot Khadka
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Born (2001-01-30) January 30, 2001 (age 23)
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • guitarist
  • composer

Shashwot Khadka (born 30th January 2001) is a young Nepali singer, songwriter, guitarist and composer. He is known for his jovial song Batash, released on 27th July 2020[1][2]. Shashwot Khadka Shashwot released his debut song Apratakchya on 21st August 2019, followed by Maicha, Manaka Kura , Batash and Kapol Kalpit Sapana in the commencing year 2020. His songs uniquely integrates Nepali instrument, which he believes reflects its authenticity[1][3]. He initially preached songs as means of escaping reality and distancing self from the world; but now, he is convinced that it actually connects him to people around; and is passionately working on linking with his admirers via Social Medias, sharing emotions he experiences while he writes his songs . The 20 years old artist, is one of those creative minds, which dwell around crafting stanzas effortlessly. He likes to have his own collection of unfinished songs that he completes with stories when he feels like; incorporating self as one of the characters in the tale to tell [4][5].

Early life

Shashwot Khadka was born and brought up in Kathmandu. He attended guitar lessons during his vacation, back when he was in grade four. It is till date, the only formal music education he has ever received. As a teenager, he had shy and introvert personality which contributed in his earlier perception about music being a world where we escape from reality to create a story we truly desire; which later on changed by the fame bestowed upon him by his song Batash [6]. A thing that never changed is how he has always been fascinated by music. He spent his early teenage in hostel, where he started writing his own songs. He was only 13, when he wrote his first song[7]. So, probably the songs we have heard from him till date, and will hear in near future, may not be a brand new story; but a story he scribbled in his school days. He has always been supported and inspired by his family and friends, which he is grateful for. Primarily, little Shashwot in his childhood, was attracted towards music, just by how cool people around, playing guitar and singing songs, look. He started playing guitar for the same. He even learned playing drum and tabala, on his own; and solemnly on the foundation of rehearse instructions his music teacher gave back in his school days, he learned singing [8].

He went to Kathmandu Model College and is currently pursuing his Bachelors in food engineering at Sharda University, India. He is parallelly working on his music career as well.[7]

Music career

Shashwot joined YouTube on 18th January 2013. He initially started by singing cover songs. Sajjan Ran Vaidya, Bikki Gurung, Oasis Thapa are few of his many inspirations. His musical interest ranges from Eminem to Narayan Gopal [7]. To be precisely selective, Hawaijahaj of Sajjan Raj Vaidya is the song that inspired Shashwot on integrating stories to his scribbles and giving them life as a song. His guardians supported him to carry on music, of course, but only as a hobby, as most people do not agree to accept it as a career. That may be why, he was under a wrap and never really took music seriously. He unveiled that all his songs, released till date were merely his experiments with his aptitude; and yet, he has 149K subscribers in his YouTube channel and his latest song Batash was a hit. Reaching 40K view was his ambition for Batash and as of now, he is already in 18M views. He never imagined, he would face the fame of being the most searched artist on YouTube in 2020 by his childhood allure of looking cool, playing guitar and singing songs. If a mere experiment is this good, his admirers are eagerly waiting to see what his songs with real effort and serious motivation has to demonstration [9].


Batash is Shashwot’s breakthrough song [10]. It is by far, his most watched video on YouTube[11]. He thought of first verse of this song when he was just a high school boy, while walking to college, in a windy morning, where the cold morning breeze was fluttering trees leaves and making his mind wing with the breeze. It took him a while to complete the verse and turn it into a song with a story to tell. But, when he did, it became his masterpiece. He created a plot for the song, where he is a shy boy and he has an imaginary crush that he cannot express his feeling to. So, he wishes for the wind to come and blow away all other people in the world, and let him be all alone with his crush. This song written, composed and performed by Shashwot himself was released on 27th July 2020, with an animated video consisting of a couple where the guy’s feature looks like Shashwot. This song went viral soon after Shiwali Shrestha choreographed and posted it in TikTok|tiktok[12][13][14]. Later, on 17th December 2020, official music video for this song, filmed in Australia, was premiered. The Nepali song has not only touched Nepali hearts [3]. The jolly music of Batash is something that connects with people around the globe, regardless of language they know.

Shashwot really appreciates how his admirers have been providing him with both positive and constructive feedbacks. He believes he was born to spread good vibes and create good music. He has a long way to go in his music careers but as morning shows the day, admirers are pretty sure, they will have plenty of good music from Shashwot in their playlist [15]

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