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Shalu is an Indian multilingual humanoid robot, developed by Dinesh Patel, a Kendriya Vidyalaya computer science teacher from Mumbai.[1][2][3] It is reported that the robot is able to speak in 9 Indian languages (including Hindi, Marathi language Bengali, Bhojpuri language) and 38 foreign languages (including English language, Japanese language, German language).[2][4][1][5] Dinesh claims that the robot is custom-made with aluminum, plastic, and other materials and none of the components is 3D-printed to keep the cost low.[6][7] The robot uses multiple Raspberry Pi and Arduino Microcontrollers for computation.[5][6] The programming of the robot has been done using open-source libraries like TensorFlow, Natural Language Toolkit. [5] [6] Dainik Bhaskar reports that the next version of the robot is currently in development.[3]


The robot’s creator, Dinesh Patel states S. Shankar directed Enthiran and Hanson Robotics developed social humanoid robot, Sophia (robot), as his prime motivation for building the robot.[6] He worked on the robot for 3 years.[3][6] The first version of the robot was introduced to the world on 23 Nov 2020 by means of a telecast on DD News.[5]


It is reported that the robot can interact in 47 languages.[8][9][3][1] The robot can recognize people and remember them, answer factual questions and engage in casual talks.[5] The robot can shake hands, express emotions like happiness and anger, and make jokes.[2] DD News reports that the robot can act as a personal assistant, reply to queries either verbally or through emails.[5] Dinesh claims that the robot can engage in conversations based on a script, solve simple math problems, give information about chemistry elements, and conduct verbal quizzes.[6] He claims that the robot can deliver weather reports, and readout horoscopes, recipes, book reviews, movies reviews and product description.[6] Patrika (Hindi newspaper)|Patrika reported that the robot can answer questions related to history and geography.[10]

It is reported that the robot is meant to be deployed in schools to teach students.[1][11] DD News reports that the robot can be used as a companion to senior citizens and young children.[5]


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