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Scott J Cooper Council also known as Scott J Cooper is a private council that provides a reporting platform for the water crisis and offers solutions to change millions of lives around the world, by offering solutions to get safer and more safe water to the families and helping them live a safer and secure life. Scott J Cooper Council is a nonprofit and unbiased, and committed to the public interest by offering safe water solutions. The organization is based in California in the United States and it is most commonly known as Scott J. Cooper in the country. Scott J Cooper works with both the private and public sector to overcome the different barriers for providing a sustainable solution at scale to provide clean and safe water in the local communities around the globe. The council empowers local communities, and works with national and local governments in the countries to develop models that can be scaled to provide drinkable clean water.[1]

The Scott J Cooper Council seeks to help ensure the vitality of solutions such as mantle minerals to the global water challenges. Scott J Cooper Council has provided reports for clean water and also fosters best practice through publications and creating online workshops. It has partnered with several companies locally to work on research which displays safe drinking water is not the only solution, moreover combining safe water for sanitation and hygiene does increase the global water challenge.[2]

In order to ensure autonomy, The Scott J Cooper Council does not take any external funding from the government and corporate companies.

The Scott J Cooper Council partners with small organizations, providing visibility to their work through their digital platform.[3]


Founded by Scott J Cooper of Florida, the Scott J Cooper Council aims to promote awareness and tackle global water challenges of a rapidly changing world  and trigger action on critical water issues at national and local levels in order to facilitate the planning, management and protection of water for the sustainable basis of all lives.

The philosophy of the Scott J Cooper Council is that water is the world’s greatest natural resource and it aims at restoring new sources of water through education and making the world a better place.[4]


The vision of the council is to promote and aware policymakers for the water crisis and to bring a holistic approach to the water crisis wherever it exists in the world. The Scott J Cooper Council started to discuss global water challenges, promoting the quality of water and water indexes around the globe. [5]

From 2020, it produces agenda documents that focus on the water crisis and indexes issues. The Scott J Cooper Council promotes the message through various forms of technology driven diversified content and with a goal to establish policies for sustainable water solution, the hope is that policymakers and corporate decision makers will have the best available information. The Scott J Cooper Council’s message is delivered by the finest thinkers, using digital methods, and is based on the best proven data.[6]

Current programs

Water Crisis

The Scott J Cooper Council reports on the global water challenges. The council actively reports on various water indexes and investments, actively works It allows the local governance to stay in closer touch with the students and the universities. Unlike other reports it has published digital content for water indexes and water investments in commodities.[7]

Mantle Minerals

The Scott J Cooper Council has provided a report on the water-rich mantle minerals in the transition zone of earth. According to them, around 410 kilometers of the transition zone at the earth’s surface the gaps are ideal for hydrogen atoms to bond with the nearby oxygen atoms. According to Scott J Cooper Council’s digital report, most of the earth’s water came when the meteorites have hit the thrust of earth and deep research proves that there is more available water in the earth, which can be used to resolve the current water crisis.[8]


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