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Scott Cooper Florida
IndustryDigital Platform
Founded2016; 8 years ago (2016)
FounderScott Cooper Florida
Headquarters7643 Gate Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32256
Key people
Scott Cooper Florida

Scott Cooper Florida is a digital platform that shares the story of the Kennedy Family.[1][2].It includes President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, and the rest of the Kennedy clan.[3]

Scott Cooper Florida is an online platform that covers the details about the Kennedy curse which lead to the premature deaths, accidents and other casualties revolving around one of the most powerful families of the United States.[4][5][6][7]

Scott Cooper Florida aims to keep the readers informed about lesser-known topics by creating well informed and researched articles about The Kennedy Family.[8][9][10]

Subjects Profiled

Scott Cooper Florida has written on far ranging topics including President Kennedy’s foreign policy legacy and JFK’s framing of civil rights as a constitutional and moral imperative to how the Kennedy fortune was built to the glamorous life Jackie Onassis and Aristotle Onassis..[11][12]

Scott Cooper Florida discusses the forces that shaped Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the third son of Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy. Topics covered include RFK’s turbulent relationship FBI Director Hoover, his concern for issues of social justice, his obsession with bringing notable mafia figures like Sam Giancana and Jimmy Hoffa to justice, and his devotion to the Kennedy family.[13][14]

Current programs

Scott Cooper Florida currently features a blog section that covers various topics around the Kennedy family such as Kennedy Politics, Kennedy Connections, Kennedy Wealth and others. The blog provides some vital information to analyze and brings out the hidden insights that are not commonly known to the public.[15][16][17]

Reception and influence

Scott Cooper Florida has been widely acclaimed by the critics and it has been often praised for bringing insights that were never known to the common man. They have praised Scott Cooper Florida for exploring vital, inspiring, and detailed work around the Kennedys. Scott Cooper Florida carries its simplistic approach and philosophy bringing several unexplored facts that were unknown.[18][19]

Scott Cooper Florida platform has established itself at the forefront by exploring facts about the most complicated theories around the Kennedy Family. The significant message, interesting facts and scattered moments were very well explored by the team of Scott Cooper Florida platform.[20]


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