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Scarlet Beriko
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OccupationComic Book/Manga artist

Scarlet Beriko (スカーレット・ベリ子)is a Japanese boys' love Comic Book/Manga artist. She is also an author of a series of drawing/posing books, and an illustrator for novels. In 2019, she celebrated her 11 year anniversary since her debut by doing her first booktour[1] in Tokyo, Osaka and her hometown of Fukuoka.

Her comics have been widely published in all over the world, including Taiwan, South Korea, U.S.A, France and Italy. Her publisher in Japan is Shinshokan, and her US publisher is Simon and Schuster


BL Comics

  • Amefurashi (あめふらし~春雨にしっぽりと濡れる、大江戸恋愛譚~)
  • Give Me A Hand (みのりの手)
  • Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato/Show Me Your Gun(四代目・大和辰之)[2]
  • Queen and The Tailor (女王と仕立て屋)
  • Jackass! (ジャッカス!)
  • JEALOUSY (ジェラシー)[3]
  • MTR (もつ鍋とリーゼント)

Drawing Books

  • Sexy Muscle Posings for Comic and Illustration (マンガ家と作るポーズ集 男の筋肉ポーズ集)
  • Made with the Manga Artist: 'Moe' Body Parts Drawings for Manga - Hand (マンガ家と作る萌えパーツデッサン集 【手】)
  • Let's Draw Manga: Yaoi Boys Love BL Love Scene Collection (マンガ家と作るBLポーズ集 ラブシーンデッサン集)
  • BL Pose Collection Made With Cartoonist - Kiss Scene Drawing Collection (マンガ家と作るBLポーズ集 キスシーンデッサン集)
  • Made with the Manga Artist: Japanese BL (Boys Love) 'Bodies Beyond Imagination' Delusion Pose Collection(マンガ家と作るポーズ集 妄想ポーズ集)
  • マンガ家と作るBLポーズ集 服従ポーズデッサン集
  • Made with the Manga Artist: Men's Undressing Pose Collection (マンガ家と作るポーズ集 男の脱衣ポーズ集)
  • Made with the Manga Artist: Japanese BL (Boys Love) Love Scene Drawings 2 (マンガ家と作るBLポーズ集 ラブシーンデッサン集2)
  • Made with the Manga Artist: Japanese BL (Boys Love) 'Icha-love' Flirtation Scene Drawings (マンガ家と作るポーズ集 いちゃLoveポーズデッサン集)
  • BL Pose Collection Made With Cartoonist- Kiss Scene Drawing Collection 2 (マンガ家と作るBLポーズ集 キスシーンデッサン集2)


  • Speechless
  • ふれるだけじゃたりない
  • バレンタイン・シャワー
  • 片付け魔と散らかし屋に留守番はできるか
  • イングランドを想え


  • Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyammato(四代目・大和辰之)
  • Jackass! (ジャッカス!)

Web Drawing Clinic

She occasionally holds on-line Manga Drawing clinic [4] where she shows how to draw Manga on Digital tools.

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