Satguru Madhu Paramhans

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Satguru Madhu Paramhans
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Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
OccupationSpiritual guru
OrganizationSahib Bandgi

Satguru Madhu Paramhansa is an Indian spiritual guru and ex-junior commissioner officer in the Indian Army[1] [2]. He is a founder of a spiritual organization known as the name of Sahib Bandgi. This organization was started in 1980 [2] and registered in 1992 under the name of his guru Sant Girdhanand Paramhans Sant Ashram [3]. His organization's mission is to flourish the principles of Satguru Bhakti and Satya Bhakti to bring awareness of true self and spiritual transformation[4].

Personal information

He was born in a small village in District Sehore, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [5]. He had seven siblings. Right from his childhood, he had a unique identity. He has always remained vegetarian and followed celibacy.[6]

At the age of 14 in 1964, he met his Guru - Swami Girdharanand Paramhans at Havelian located in District Gonda (Uttar Pradesh), India. Swami Girdharanand Paramhansa practiced and preached SantMat. Seeing his dedication and good control over his senses, his guru appointed him as his successor during his very lifetime [6]. Since then, he started his spiritual journey of bringing spiritual upliftment in people through the path of Satguru Bhakti [6]. In his discourses, he provides in-depth knowledge of the creation of the universe, the life, and the path of salvation[7]. He preaches inner journeys through the different states of consciousness [8]. In his discourses, he openly criticizes falsehood and hypocrisy prevailing in religion, faith, spirituality and devotion[9][10]. He appeals to others to be self-reliant and speak the truth, stay away from drug addiction, not eat non-vegetarian food, not become womanizers, not resort to theft, stay away from gambling and survive on legitimate income that is not earned through corrupt means [11].

Career in indian army

In 1967 at the age of 17, he joined the Indian Army in Mahar Regiment and served the nation for 24 years. In 1991, he took voluntary retirement as a J.C.O (Junior Commissioned Officer) from the Indian Army [5] [2].

Sahib Bandgi Organization

Public outreach

There are more than 220 Ashrams throughout India[1]. It has its headquarters at Ranjadi a remote village in a state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Sahib Bandgi is also a registered trust in the US[12] and the UK[13][14]. Regularly he delivers his sermons in different parts of the world, including many countries in Europe[15].

Social service

Sahib Bandgi organization is involved in many social activities that include free medical checkup[16], alcohol and drug abstinent, promoting vegetarianism [11], free food or community meals, and free shelter for all in ashrams, campaigns against female foeticide [17], and against rampant exorcism in the region [2]. They have been in the news to provide free food during Amarnath agitation[18][19], financial aid[20] to government and free meals to the poor, labourers and travelers at the time of Cornonavirus lockdown in India in 2020.[21] [22][23].

Literary work

He is an author of more than 52 Hindi language books based on spirituality, his spiritual journeys, and the translation of Kabir work, health, mind, body, and soul.[24]. These books are translated into English and many other Indian languages.

Atrocities on Sahib Bandgi Sect

The organization has reported many attacks on the ashrams and the devotees by religious radicals. In September 1998, many sadhus attacked the ashram in Akhnoor city of Jammu. This lead to 25 persons get injured. The situation was brought under control when the police resorted to a lathi-charge, teargas shelling and firing in the air, the reports said[25]. In some of his discourses, he has explained how such groups burned his 12 ashrams in Jammu.

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