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Cyffylliog, North Wales
NationalityWelsh people
  • Artist
  • Performance artist
  • Designer
  • FX artist

Salvia (born 2000-2001) is a Welsh Drag artist, Performance artist, Designer, and FX artist. Based in Cyffylliog, North Wales,[1] She first garnered attention from fashion names such as Rick Owens[2] and Vogue (magazine)[3][4] For her outlandish and alien like looks and Instagram[5] posts. She collaborated with Rick Owens for his autumn/winter 2019 collection runway[2], working on prosthetics and makeup for the models. She often closely works with other artists such as Jazmin Bean and Parma Ham, creating performance art videos and art installations, however her main platform is Instagram[5], which she uses to showcase her work and drag looks.

Early Life

Growing up in a small village in North Wales, Salvia accounts being bullied at a young age, and finding solace and inspiration from artists such as Leigh Bowery, Lady Gaga, and fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Around the age of 13, she began creating drawings and paintings inspired by sci fi and futuristic visuals, eventually moving on to using those visuals in her makeup and drag looks.[3]


Salvia’s work covers numerous mediums, such as photography, design, directing, graphic design, Special effect, Make-up artist, styling, and Filmmaking. Photographer Rick Castro described her as “an influencer, a fashion icon, a beauty icon, a goth diva, the illuminati, and a Satanist.”[6] Her focus is creating edited photography of her fashion and Make-up artist|makeup design, and she often struggles with her work being censored on online platforms due to her extremity.[3] Her main outcome with her work is to present alien and Horror fiction|horror influenced visuals, through muted colour palettes, medical prosthetics, and often uncomfortable displays of humanity and biology. Salvia released a single in 2020 named “The Man who watches me sleep”,[7] an ambient pop, darkcore song, which she has stated is inspired by her childhood. She uses sounds incorporated with Horror fiction|horror in the song, using “frightful” sound to evoke fear in the listener.[7]


Collaborating with artist Palma Ham, Salvia created Nullo, an inaugural runway show featuring Fetish fashion, fashion design, and performance art.[8] The show was created to “Redesign Fetish fashion|fetishwear and Augmentation|bodily augmentation for today’s posthuman tribes”. Their aim with Nullo is to critique Gender binary|binaries, explore sexuality, and find new ways of experiencing the limits of the body.[9]

Rick Owens Autumn/Winter 2019

For the runway show of his Autumn/Winter 2019 show, fashion designer Rick Owens enlisted Salvia’s help to transfer her otherworldly visuals to the models in the show, creating makeup inspired by and assisted by her, Salvia stating “Rick felt like my Aesthetics|aesthetic would be very appropriate for his show; it was exciting to see my makeup brought to life on multiple models”[2]

The following year, Owens was criticized on social media by Salvia, for “borrowing heavily from the Aesthetics|aesthetic of the teen” in his Spring/Summer 2020 show, in which Salvia was “not consulted or paid for her likeness in the show”.[1]

Personal Life

Salvia identifies as a trans woman, and has stated “negative and immature reactions” to her work “are just one of the many signs of the ignorance and Transmisogyny|trans-misogyny that is still vastly present in society”.[4]


List of singles as lead artist with title, year, and album
Title Year Album
"The Man Who Watches Me Sleep"[7] 2020 The Man Who Watches Me Sleep


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