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Sallehuddin Ishak
صلاح الدين
In office
7 January 2019 – Now
MonarchAbdullah of PahangTengku
Preceded byDato' Sri Muhammad Safian bin Ismail
Director General of Lands and Mines (Federal) Cum Federal Lands Commissioner of Malaysia
In office
20 September 2015 – 06 January 2019
Deputy Director General Legislation And Management Development, Department Of Director General Of Lands And Mines
In office
04 July 2011 – 19 September 2015
District Officer Officer Of Temerloh
In office
01 August 2008 – 03 July 2011
Deputy Director Management Office Of Director Of Land And Mines Pahang
In office
2 July 2007 – 31 July 2008
Director Department Of The Director General Of Lands And Mines (Federal), Pahang
In office
06 February 2007 – 01 July 2007
Principal Assistant Secretary of Policy and Development Division, Ministry Of Land and Corporative Development
In office
16 January 2007 – 05 February 2007
Principal Assistant Secretary of Policy and Development Division, Ministry of Land and Corporative Development
In office
16 January 2002 – 30 November 2003
Assistant District Officer of Kuala Pilah (Land Management)
In office
1 August 1989 – 09 Oktober 1995
Personal details
Sallehuddin bin Ishak

(1962-04-28) 28 April 1962 (age 61)
Raub, Pahang

Sallehuddin bin Ishak (Jawi: صلاح الدين; born 28 April 1962) is a State Secretary of Pahang[1], Malaysia who served as the 21ˢͭ State governments of Malaysia from 2019 until now.

Important Experiences

♦ Appointed as the Chairman of Working Committee in handling National Land Acquisition Strata Titles Issues
♦ Appointed to lead Fraud Crime Prevention Group in land matters by Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources

♦ Experience in land administration in Malaysia. As an Assistant Secretary in Secretariat National Land Council which is Malaysia's highest body in land administration. Also involved in National operational with Federal Land and Mines, implementing policies when worked as Temerloh Land and Mines, implementing policies when worked as Temerloh Land Administration Officer and involved in training and research programmes during INSTUN.

♦ Experience in working with the government using hands on knowledge especially in master research that involved investors and properties developer. Meanwhile, for PhD research, involved with multinational industry investors.

Early and personal life[3]

Dato ’Dr. Sallehuddin Ishak who holds a doctorate (Ph.D) from the University of Glasgow[4] (petroleum industrial land development) and a Master from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, has more than 25 years of service in all Federal, State and District land administration. He is currently the Deputy Director General of Federal Lands and Mines and is also the Chairman of the Property Management Fraud Prevention Committee, as well as the Chairman of the Strata Titles Settlement Committee at the national level. In addition, he is also the Co-Chairman of Focus Group Registering Property, one of the PEMUDAH sub-committees.

He is the driving force behind many studies to resolve land administration issues, especially the bureaucratic problems faced by the people. Among the results of the study that has been made a new policy and practice of land administration is the Star Rating system of Land Office which is the standard or norm and uniform procedure of core affairs in all 97 land offices throughout the Peninsula practiced since 2012. Concession issue (land transfer permission) was completed after PEMUDAH approved the e-Consent system used in all Land Offices from 1 August 2015. This system is the result of a three-year study. Among other things, the studies he has conducted have enabled the identity card number to become the sole reference number of land titles, the settlement of the registration deadlock under the legislation before the National Land Code into the current system, the introduction of bio-metrics for all land title registration matters for combating fraud, solving the problem of underground land registration (stratum). Through a joint study, JAWHAR has successfully resolved the long-standing dispute over the registration of lands under the waqf law according to the land legal system.

Through his position as Chairman of the Property Management Fraud Prevention Committee, has successfully reduced new cases of fraud incidents that previously continued to increase and reached its peak in 2012 which was to 132 cases. After that showed a downward trend to only 75 in 2014. Through his position as Chairman of the Strata Titles Settlement Committee has resolved many arrears issues and taken proactive action to prevent new arrears.

As an active person in sports, social and academic, he was a member of the Pahang Football Association Council, Negeri Sembilan Football Association Council Member and Pahang Bicycle Racing Team Advisor. He was also the Deputy President of the Malaysian Student Association Aberdeen, once the EXCO chair of the Association for the Blind Malaysia and once the Industry Partner of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is currently the Honorary Major of the Territorial Army, Member of the Board of Management of Universiti Islam Malaysia, Deputy President of the Association of Land Professionals Malaysia and Trustee of the Islamic College Foundation. He is frequently invited to present land issues at national and international forums.



From the experience and expertise mentioned above, several successes have been gained, some of which are pioneers (break-through) in resolving chronic issues in the Malaysian public administration, including:

Successfully enacted and introduced the National Standard to measure the performance and position of Land Offices throughout the Peninsula which has been implemented throughout the Peninsula since the end of 2013. Previously in our country, since before Merdeka there has not been a uniform standard and norm of practices Land Office established. The standard introduced is based on what was enacted during the Temerloh District Officer and has been accepted by all states with some adjustments.

Leading a working group at the National level to solve the problem of strata title issuance and targeting the implementation of strata title registration at the same time as the submission of vacant possession before the end of 2011. To date

As the Chairman of the National Committee to combat fraud in real estate transactions. Until the end of 2013, new fraud cases have dropped dramatically through several initiatives carried out together with PDRM, MACC, KDN and all State Governments

Responsible directly in the implementation of registration of transactions and non-transactions within one day to be implemented nationwide starting 2012. Significant success is the increase in Malaysia's ranking in the Regestering Property category from position 63 in 2011 to position 35 in 2014. Thus also succeeded bolstering Malaysia's position in the ranking (ranking) Ease of Doing Business World Bank.


Introduce the practice of ‘Immediate Ownership’ while working at the Kuala Pilah Land Office, Negeri Sembilan. Through it, successful land applicants can get a land title deed once the land premium payment is paid. This practice received the Public Service Innovation Award 1993. From 1 June 2010, this improved practice has been implemented at the Temerloh Land Office.

Provide an important contribution in Malay Reserve Enactment Amendment. The amendment was approved by Parliament and is called ‘Malay Reservations (Amendment) Enactment 2002’. The amendment is based on recommendations by the Ministry of Land and Cooperative Development (now the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment). The recommendations of the Ministry are largely based on the recommendations in my own M.Phil thesis made at the Univesity of Aberdeen entitled The Development of Malay Reserve Land, A Case Study of Seremban, Malaysia.

Modified the record system at the Temerloh Land Office in 2009. Through this new system all statutory and non-statistical records have been evaluated and rearranged according to their level of activity. In addition most land office practices have been structured or dire-engineered. Through this concept, the Temerloh Land Office within one year managed to register 90% of the 18,495 permanent title arrears accumulated over 20 years. The unregistered balance is related to problems that need to be resolved in accordance with legal procedures.

Simplify the land registration system at the Temerloh Land Office in 2009. This is also a re-engineering to the practices in processing land registration through which the practices in registration have been summarized without violating existing laws, regulations and policies. Through this practice, the Temerloh Land Office succeeded in becoming the first Land Office to complete the registration of land transactions (transfers, mortgages, etc.) in less than two hours.

Improving the processing of government land applications at the Temerloh Land Office in 2009. This is also a re-engineering to the practices in the land application process through which the decision on whether to approve or reject the application can be expedited. Through this concept, the Temerloh Land Office within one year successfully resolved all (100%) of the 5,957 government land arrears accumulated over seven years.

While being the Director of the Department of the Director General and Federation of Pahang and the Deputy PTG Pahang 2007-2008 was directly involved in solving some of the most critical land problems are:

(a) resolution of land issues for raw water supply projects from Pahang to Selangor, in particular the land acquisition problem of Felda Lembah Klau, Raub;

(b) immediate completion of the land acquisition process for the Kuantan Pekan road upgrade project;

(c) arrange consultations between the Federal Government and the Pahang Government to complete the project site of the Bullet Depot in Mempaga and the Army Airport project in Temerloh;

(d) solve all Petronas Gas land ownership problems along the Terengganu-Segamat gas route which has been in arrears for almost 20 years; and

provided voluntary guidance to the Kajang Federal Religious Menengan Religious Discussion team starting in 2002. During that period the school won four most prestigious debate tournaments, the Prime Minister's Cup in 2003, 2007, 2007 and 2009.

Single Window Search : Single Window Search was introduced at PTG WPKL on 19 March 2018. This facility was introduced to facilitate registration matters involving land title documents involving land title information search, company information search and bankruptcy status search. This has simplified the Registrar of Titles by reducing the work procedure from 8 procedures to 5 procedures thus reducing the time period of a land transaction.[5]


2019 • Presented the Working Paper “Delivering Land Administration Services At Scale: Transformation in Malaysian Land Administration” at the 2019 Land and Poverty Conference on 25 March to 29 March 2019.[6]


• Presented the Working Paper "Land Acquisition in National Development"; Teach-In Land Acquisition and Estate Management 2013, 6 March 2013 Organized by JKPTG Selangor.

• Presented the Working Paper "Position of Wakaf Land in Land Legislation" at the Attorney General's Chambers Shariah Community Conference, Organized by the Attorney General's Chambers on 14 October 2013.

• Presented the Working Paper "Position of Wakaf Land in Land Legislation" at a Conference Organized by the Attorney General's Chambers.


• Presented the Working Paper "Issues of Security in Property Transaction"; Emerging Property Seminar, May 10, 2012.


• Presented the “Green Districts” Working Paper. A Proposed Concept; International Conference on Urban Development and Management, 27 October 2010.


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