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The term "sales" refers to either the actions associated with selling or the quantity of items sold during a certain time frame. A sale may also refer to the performance of a service in exchange for compensation.

A sale is finalised when the buyer makes an acquisition, appropriation, or requisition, or when the seller engages in direct conversation with the purchaser at the point of sale. The seller may also be the supplier of the products or services. There is a transfer of ownership of the object, also known as property or ownership, and there is also a settlement of a price. This means that an agreement is made on a price at which the ownership of the item will be transferred. It is more common for the seller to carry out the sale rather than the buyer, and the transaction may be finalised before the buyer is required to make any payments. A salesman, saleswoman, or salesperson is a person who sells goods or services on behalf of the owner in the case of indirect interaction. However, this term most commonly refers to someone who sells goods in a store or shop, in which case other terms are also common, including salesclerk, shop assistant, and retail clerk.

Sales are often controlled by both the common law and business rules in nations that use the common law system. Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code has been accepted by the majority of state and local governments in the United States. Despite the fact that this has resulted in a number of non-uniform variances, the rules that regulate the sale of products in the United States are very consistent.