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Sakar Foundation[1]
FounderBhuta Family
TypeNon-Profit Organization
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Lifestyle and Culture
  • Public Policy

Sakar Foundation is an Indian development charity and empowerment movement founded in 2009 by Bhuta Family.[2] The organization implements development programs in India, focusing on healthcare, education, lifestyle, culture, public policy, and the creation of social assets.[3] The foundation's mission is to create an enabling and sustainable environment for the Indian communities by facilitating donations, grants, financial resources, strategic direction, technology support in a series of programs.[4]

The name Sakar is a Sanskrit word meaning, 'to fulfill, bring into existence, bring into reality' which is the motto of the Sakar Foundation. Sakar Foundation offers several resources for enhancing individual and family health along with free consultation and support.[5]


Sakar Foundation was established in 2009 with the aim to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Since its inception, Sakar Foundation has launched several programs in order to achieve its primary goal of improvising the quality of life by working on the primary target points - HELP (Health, Education, Life, language, culture, Public Policy, and creation of social assets).


The projects launched by Sakar Foundation aim at providing free guidance and meditation training to achieve a higher level of peace, relaxation. The organization also offers scientific and constructive diet plans for expanded levels of energy and disease reversal along with free access to health reports, videos, research, policy, and petition.

As of Oct-2020, Sakar Foundation has successfully organized 600 Rasmay Bodhi Programs and helped over 2000 people through several Arogya Adar Divas programs. Sakar Foundation has also created several health videos, reports, and research documents. The organization also prepared a Diabetes Reversal Petition and Scientific material that was sent to the Government of India.


The Sakar Foundation offers financial resources and organizes programs to elevate the level of education. The organization also works to improve the rural educational infrastructure by providing skill development training and facilitating mentorship programs.

As of Oct-2020, Sakar Foundation has helped 7 Rural Schools, 10 Rural Anganwadi, supported over 10,000 students, and provided guidance & coaching to college students in IIT-Bombay, Thakur College, Kapol College, Podar College, N. M. College, Hinduja College, Ranken College, USF and several other institutions.

Life, language, and culture

Under this category, the Sakar Foundation organizes cultural programs to facilitate financial aid and provides an opportunity for the participants to gain recognition. The Sakar Foundation has organized over 15 large cultural programs that were attended by over 3000 people. The organization has also conducted several life celebration group sessions that helped senior citizens to receive free training in singing and dancing.

Public policy and creation of social assets

Sakar Foundation’s Public Policy team deals with the creation of public policies, raising public awareness, and the creation of social assets for the general public and social use. Sakar has used vast intellectual and technological resources to produce descriptive reports, documents, and policy papers to guide the creation of public policy with regards to technology, healthcare, education, and culture. The organization has also donated resources towards the creation of public assets like gardens, school reconstruction, toilet blocks, and training centers.

Sakar Foundation has submitted a number of public policy papers to the Government of India, FICCI, and several state governments, and designed a clear roadmap of technology trends and future scenarios. The organization has also helped several business owners and policymakers through research reports.


Key projects of Sakar Foundation:

Health Sector

  • Rasmay Bodhi Program: It is a unique meditation program that enables the participants to create an experience of profound peace, clarity, love, and energy.
  • SAFE Diet, Health Reports, Health Videos: Sakar Foundation offers scientific and constructive diet plans for expanded levels of energy and disease reversal
  • Health Research, Policy & Petition: This program offers free access to health reports, videos, research, policy, and petition
  • Health Shibirs: In the health Shibirs conducted by the Sakar Foundation, participants and learn about the secrets of lifelong success
  • Arogya Adar Divas

Education Sector

  • Vidya Yog - Rural Education Project: This project aims at offering financial assistance and training support to the rural schools
  • Science Of Success: This program helps the students to achieve a higher level of success
  • Design Everyone Life: This program by Sakar Foundation aims at offering career guidance and empowerment to the participants
  • Scholarship and Funding For Entrepreneurs: This program provides financial scholarships and seed funding to the budding social entrepreneurs
  • Educational Videos and Research Papers: This program aims at providing educational material to the students

Life, language, and culture sector

  • Dil Ki Suno: This program aims at providing free resources to practice singing and dancing to the participants
  • Life Celebration Group: This group aims to promote artistic performance and indulge the members in group activities
  • Seva Yog Awards: The participants are nominated and elected for financial support. The winner is awarded, and the entire ceremony is broadcasted on media platforms, which help in gaining recognition and popularity
  • Bharat Vaibhav Cultural Study, Exams and Prizes: This program aims at spreading the message of the Indian scriptures and promote the Indian culture
  • Cultural Programs and Videos: Several cultural programs have been organized by the Sakar Foundation where people perform on stage and get featured on Sakar Everyonetube and several other digital media platforms
  • Media Reports

Public policy and creation of social assets

  • Diabetes Reversal Policy Proposal
  • Foresight 2020, Foresight 2030 technology trends
  • Technology Policy Suggestions on Blockchain, AI, IoT, 5G, and others
  • Creation of Public Assets

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